500th Anniversary

The epitome of anniversaries in kitsune culture. Anniversaries are very special to them, but none more than the 500th. It's considered the luckiest of them all, because the couple while having lived a very long time is still capable of adding to the dwindling population.


Many Kitsune marry early in life, often before they reach 100 years of age. This happens for several reasons including:
  • the fact that the mythical foxes are becoming rare and need to multiply quickly to save their race
  • they are a passionate species who do not do well for long periods without a devoted mate
  • For the last millennia, kitsune couples who reach their 500th wedding anniversary have been highly celebrated.


    The kitsune couple
    who have been married for the required length of time
    Story tellers
    who regale the clan with entertaining stories of the couple, often inducing a blush on the celebrants bright enough to glow through their thick fur
    The children
    who re-enact the ceremony that brought their parents together
    Extended family
    who put on the feast
    Shrine keepers
    who lead the ceremony to bless the couple and serve sake to renew the bond of the blended clans


    The entire extended clan gathers in the morning, bringing gifts and holding an extravagant lunchtime feast with the couple's favorite food and drink. Stories of the couple's devotion and sometimes cute and embarrassing moments are told. Children perform a play, re-enacting the marriage ceremony.   After the feast, everyone accompanies the couple's visit to the nearest Inari Shrine to pray for continued blessing and fertility and to drink sake - renewing the marriage vow that brought both sides of the family together. Even if there is enmity between the merged clans, it's set aside for the occasion. History tells of several families mended by such an anniversary.   Then the couple is ushered off to a honeymoon like retreat in a luxuriant parade, with every fox displaying their kitsune bi to celebrate and the couple being carried in a palanquin. There the pair can focus on deepening their relationship. Unlike humans, kitsune are not shy about their romantic activities. A kit or two is almost always born 50-60 days after the celebration.

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    Author's Notes

    The only historic evidence to support this is Nakamura Hisako's personal journal entry, of which the author of this article had a peek before she was scolded for prying.

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    Lol - thank you! I was trying to explain why there wouldn’t be anything found on the matter. ;)

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