You need something? We can get it, if you've got the cash.
— Akumakai Motto
  This organized crime group turned booming business runs Sumichou under the Kabukicho district in Tokyo.  
Sumichou wasn't much more than an underground hideout for wayward Yokai until the Akumakai stepped in. In the last three decades, the area has exploded in influence and illicit trade, thanks to the leadership of the clan. The first leader had the business sense to turn the area into a multifaceted corporation that dominates all illegal trade catering to the spirit beings.

The leadership was overthrown a few months ago, but the new head is even more cunning than their predecessor.

Public Agenda

To prosper Sumichou and grow this underground yokai refuge. The first several leaders did well at their mission. The current one? They are considered to be the most cutthroat and ruthless of yokai and have lost the residents' trust and respect. The Sumichou Underground reminds the group often that the Akumakai's days are numbered.  

Private Agenda

Residents believe that the Akumakai leadership is gathering vast amounts of crystalized ki for a big power grab. Whether it is to rule Japan or even the world is anyone's guess. The population also resents the Akumakai's hoarding of the best of the condensed ki. The lesser grades on the street are quite risky to use.  

Organization Structure

Clan, based on the Yakuza structure where 1 clan head rules over a pyramid of underlings.  


The Sumichou district's holdings include:
  • Flowers and Swords - the open air brothel ward
  • designer drug and powdered ki factories in Crystal Row
  • low-profile blackmail services guaranteed to slide under the government's radar
  • species and organ sales
  • professional 'persuasion and intimidation' gangs

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    Unknown. Current leader keeps identity secret
    Founding Date
    November 3, 1945
    Illicit, Syndicate
    Alternative Names
    悪魔会, Head Honcos, 'those devils'
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