Arai Ryouta

新井 了太 (a.k.a. Chief)

Nonogawa and the surrounding area have an unusual amount of paranormal activity, but we can't find the guardian assigned here. Any leads would help.
— Arai Ryouta
Public Security Intelligence Agency's Paranormal Division's Okayama Liaison Chief Arai Ryouta is a ghost.    He's slender and dresses in a conservative dark suit. People describe the image they see as hazy, and his dead pale complexion gives them the creeps. He seems to hover with his arms held out in front of him. He has his secretary do the physical work, like run a computer or errands, for him.  
Eliminate yakuza influence in his prefecture.
Make inroads with the League of Guardians, despite their conservative nature.
Protect the Yokai species that are the most in danger.

Why is he a ghost?

He was killed 70 years ago. Even though he got his revenge, he found true purpose in the PSIA helping to solve and prevent crimes in the area. This keeps his spirit around, instead of moving on to the afterlife.   


A gruff, driven, and demanding superior who expects the very best from his underlings. Mistakes happen, but the one who goofed up better darn well work twice as hard to never let it happen again.   To his few friends, he warms up considerably. Only on rare occasions does he get to let his more relaxed side show.  


People who are straightforward


Criminology and law degrees from an undisclosed university. (Due to his undead nature - he prefers to keep supernatural connections private.) He found that being a ghost meant he didn't have to sleep or rest, so he got the degrees in record time.  


How do you say my name?


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Circumstances of Death
(discovered in another story)

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Sage Dylonishere123
R. Dylon Elder
22 Dec, 2020 21:02

I'm on mobile, and I don't know if that's why, but I cant see secrets beying team umeji. I'll have to come back once on comp, but I love the inclusion of those. I also like the fact that's he's a ghost. That's pretty cool and adds some nice depth, even including the cause of death too.

22 Dec, 2020 23:20

Thanks! Hmm. I can't replicate it on my phone or iPad. Care to tell me more deets so I can figure it out or report it?

Sage Dylonishere123
R. Dylon Elder
23 Dec, 2020 00:37

Well when I activate them. Either all at once or one at a time on my android, I'm having trouble figuring out what changes on all but umeji. What changes occur for the other two? Do they also make new containers?

1 Jan, 2021 01:08

Oh I see. There isn't a guarantee of them all. Just at least one. ;) It changes from article to article.

22 Dec, 2020 23:46

Ooo he's a ghost. That's really interesting. The real question is - can he still eat takoyaki as a ghost?

1 Jan, 2021 01:09

Thank you! I suspect he finds a way to at least taste it.

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