Bak Ae-Ri


The first leader of the Akumakai. To gain the title, she worked her way up in a human mafia clan, then took it over and slowly drafted powerful Yokai to replace the mortals. Afterward, the clan changed its name to the one we know today, and her clan became unstoppable.  

Public Face

Despite ruling a yokai Yakuza clan, the people of Sumichou knew her to be reasonable and forward thinking. She was the one to expand the underground from a hideout to a booming town.  

Behind the scenes

Her underlings knew her to be bloodthirsty when she was hungry—due to the nature of her species as a man-eating huntress. Any human caught trespassing in Sumichou was brought to her and given a 'sporting chance' of a ten-minute lead before she hunted them down to feast on their organs.  

Personal History

In 1912 after Japan annexed the Korean peninsula, her adoptive human family moved from Busan to Tokyo for a better chance in the Japanese company her father worked for. (They were unaware of her true nature.) Things did not go well. Her father lost his job and died shortly after, causing her and her mother to be stranded in a country where they did not speak the language. The women did what they had to in order to survive. Ae-Ri refused to talk about those times. But she was proud that while she lived with her mother, she never killed humans.   When a man exposed her yokai nature to her mother, and her mother rejected her, Ae-Ri hunted him down and relished her first taste of human flesh.

Darker Content

Mature and possible trigger topics are mentioned, but not discussed in depth in this article.

Other Ethnicities/Cultures
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Oyabun of the Akumakai
Date of Birth
October 13
1899 1970
Circumstances of Death
Biological Sex
Lustrous white fur (fox form), long black hair (human form)

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