The dream eating spirit beast

Known as the dream eater, this yokai guards people while they sleep and devours their nightmares. Calling the baku by his name and asking him to eat your dreams summons him to rescue you from your slumber's visions.   Despite resembling a crazy chimera-like-mashup of creatures (elephant, tiger, bear, tapir, etc.), they are mighty and feared by all evil beings--who scamper away from the baku's imposing presence. The baku is favored by the gods, because he was humble and grateful to have been made at all.2   Some say that, perhaps the baku is not as well intentioned as we'd like to believe. Does he eat all dreams and ambitions?

Basic Information

Genetics and Reproduction

Unknown. He just appears when summoned and no one dares ask about such private matters.

Additional Information

Social Structure

Considered solitary, unless summoned.

Average Intelligence

High IQ, but not genius level. Some baku have been known to be decieved, unless they are detecting evil.2 Pehaps they rely on this sense too much?

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

  • Ultra keen sense of smell
  • A sixth sense for people having bad dreams
  • Able to detect the presence of evil
    Baku by Amy Winters-Voss

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    Some legends say the gods assembled the baku from parts leftover after creating the other animals. Some people say it may have started as a Malayan tapir brought to Japan and transformed by the gods.1
    Conservation Status
    Endangered. As best experts can estimate, there are fewer than 100 left.
    Average Height
    1 to 1.5 meters / 3-5 feet at the shoulder
    Average Weight
    550 kg / 1200 lbs
    Average Length
    3.5-4.5 meters / 11-15 feet
    Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
    Underbody is usually red. Main skin color is blue or green. May have white or yellow spots and a flame like mane, leg and tail ornamentation.
    Related Ethnicities

    (Please see research tidbits in the Author Notes section.)

    Cover image: Baku by Momotarou2012


    Author's Notes

    Research Notes

    1. I wondered if it was possible for an ancient Japanese person to have seen a tapir, since they seem so similar to the baku. But the ones I knew of lived in South America. Then I learned about the Malayan Tapir. Click! Possibilites!   2. Figment of the author's imagination for interest.   Odd note: If this yokai reminds you of a certain Pokemon, is it Drowzee?   Fabulous fiction story about a set of Baku Twins. Worth a read! I came across it in my research. Though, it will not be part of LC, because it is not my story.   References
  • Met Museum (for my drawing)
  • Ancient Origins
  • Wikipedia

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