Guardian Book Release Party Invite

I've been prepping for the party and would love for you all to celebrate with me!   There'll be !cake, raffles, AMA, games, book signings, Japan tour pictures (locations, characters, and things in the books), and more!  

  Join me as I celebrate Guardian's release!
Wed May 10, 2023 2-5 PM CDT
Live at
Twitch party link

Don't have your copy of Guardian yet?

Get your copy here


I'll be raffling off a gift set, and am willing to ship worldwide to the winner.
  • A signed copy of Guardian
  • 2 tenugui towels. (Tenugui towels are super popular because they can be used for most anything from a dew rag to a wrapping cloth to a drying towel) The blue striped one is by Nishimura Orimono (Nishimura Weaving) in the Hakata district of Fukuoka and is a lovely example of the textile traditions there. And the Mt. Fuji print one I found in a delightful shop specializing in this type of towel. It was in the historic district of Kurashiki in Okayama Prefecture.
  • Roll of washi tape from Kurashiki, the location of the Kamoi Kakoshi MT tape factory and birthplace of washi tape, adorned with a drawing of adorable traditional houses from the historic district.
  • A Kokuyo A5 Soft Ring Notebook. These are some of my favorite notebooks ever. The soft rings ensure you never have discomfort when composing on the side opposite your writing hand. Great for left-handers!
  • Suica Penguin stickers. Many Japanese companies have adorable mascots. The Suica train/bus/subway pass card system is no exception.
    (No purchase needed to attend or enter the raffle! I won't ever pressure you ever to buy the book. I'm just so stinking excited to be releasing this book that I've worked on for almost two and a half years.)

    Cover image: by Odette.A.Bach (Art), AWV (text)


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    23 Apr, 2021 01:35

    Release day is getting close! I am so excited for you!

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    23 Apr, 2021 01:38

    Thank you! I wouldn’t be ready for release without help from wonderful friends like you! <3

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