Call for Beta Readers for Liminal Chronicles Book 2!

Need people to beta read their 2nd story!  
Umeji and several members of the gang travel to Kyoto to find a cure for Nakamura.   Along the way we meet new characters and learn the lasting repercussions of Date's treachery, Umeji and Nakamura's choices, and how those choices affect others beyond themselves.   Will Umeji have what it takes to become the Guardian of Nonogawa?
modern mythological urban fantasy

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I’m specifically looking for target audience readers who are fans of:

modern and historical Japan (there's a dual timeline: modern day and Meiji Era)
Japanese mythology (first book has some, future books will include more)
a continued redemption arc based on relationships

What I don't need:

Just a 'That was great' or 'That sucked'. Neither helps me improve my book. I need the deets. This is the price for reading my book for free and before anyone else does.
Editing (I have an editor already)
Distribution of my book beyond my trusted beta readers.

If you're interested, please sign up and I'll be in contact soon!
Join the Beta Readers
  I will provide you with a PDF of the book, a link to the dictionary, the questions, and the date I need your feedback. You will also have my eternal gratitude for your feedback and willingness to take a chance on my book!  
Thank you!!!!! You're awesome!

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4 Sep, 2021 00:13

Beta reader time already!   SO EXCITED FOR YOU!

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4 Sep, 2021 18:59

This fall - hopefully! Thank you!!!! <3

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