Call for Beta Readers for Rise! {Closed}

Need people to beta read their story!
  If you don't know what the story is about yet, check out the Liminal Chronicles homepage, where I posted an overview.   Genere: modern mythological fantasy

Update Feb 6, 2020: Beta Readers call is now closed.   Thank you to all who volunteered! I hope you enjoy the story!
UPDATE Feb 5, 2020: I've had a surprising number of replies for this being out less than 24 hours!

From here on out I’m specifically looking for target audience readers who are fans of:
modern and historical Japan (there's a dual timeline: modern day and Meiji Era)
Japanese mythology (first book has some, future books will include more)
a redemption arc based on relationships
some action
  (There is a romance, but it’s not the focus of the book and it’s not between the two main characters.)
  I'm putting the official call out for beta readers for Rise. (I estimate between 75-80K words after I'm done trimming verbiage.) Editing should be complete by about February 15. So if you'd like to read and give honest feedback - I would love to have you on board as a beta.

What I will need:

Truly honest feedback. REALLY. I have my big girl pants on, I can handle it.
To answer these questions as best you can **:
1. Did the story hold your interest from the very beginning? If not, why not? (If you quit reading, where and why.)   2. Did you get oriented fairly quickly at the beginning as to whose story it is, and where and when it’s taking place? If not, why not?   3. Could you relate to the main character?   4. Did the setting interest you and did the descriptions seem vivid and real to you?   5. Was there a point at which you felt the story lagged or you became less than excited about finding out what was going to happen next? Where, exactly?   6. Were there any parts that confused you? Or even frustrated or annoyed you? Which parts, and why?    7. Did you notice any discrepancies or inconsistencies in time sequences, places, character details, or other details?   8. Were the characters believable? Are there any characters you think could be made more interesting or more likable?    9. Did you get confused about who’s who in the characters? Were there too many characters to keep track of? Too few? Are any of the names of characters too similar? Culturally: was there too much information, or not enough? Was the information helpful or did it drag?   10. Did the dialogue keep your interest and sound natural to you? If not, whose dialogue did you think sounded artificial or not like that person would speak?   11. Did you feel there was too much description or exposition? Not enough? Maybe too much dialogue in parts?   12. Was there enough conflict, tension, and intrigue to keep your interest?   13. Was the ending satisfying? Believable?   14. Did you notice any obvious, repeating grammatical, spelling, punctuation or capitalization errors? Examples?   15. Do you think the writing style suits the genre? If not, why not?   16. Do you feel anything in the story is offensive/culturally insensitive to minority groups?
To have your feedback by March 6, so I can have the book ready hopefully by the end of March. (crossing fingers)


What I don't need:

Just a 'That was great' or 'That sucked'. Neither helps me improve my book. I need the deets. This is the price for reading my book for free and before anyone else does.
Only a grammar checker
Distribution of my book beyond my trusted beta readers.


Dictionary and Culture Notes

If you need help with a word or phrase from Japanese:
I'll have a dictionary in the back of the book.
The Japanese Words and Pronunciation Guide is available so you can read and look up side by side too.
You are also very welcome to ping me with questions! (Questions can help pin point where I might need to explain something better!)

If you're interested, please leave a comment below or DM me on Discord (ShyRedFox#7256) and I'll be in contact soon!   I will provide you with a PDF of the book, a link to the dictionary, the questions, and the date I need your feedback. You will also have my eternal gratitude for your feedback and willingness to take a chance on my book!  
Thank you!!!!! You're awesome!
** Questions taken from 15 Questions to Send Beta/First Readers (please steal) It's a great list and a good read. Though, I don't agree about not letting other authors be betas.  
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