(a.k.a. Butterfly)

A ki draining semi sapient slime who is emotionally attached to her owner Ohno Suzu. She seems to be more intelligent than research on slimes would suggest possible.   How did she become Ohno-chan's favorite pet? It required bait, patience, and a kind heart.  
Chou Becomes Ohno-chan's Pet
Document | Jan 5, 2021

How Su-chan meets and adopts Chou

Mental characteristics

Gender Identity

Identifies as female. Current guess to why is that her owner is female.



Mental Trauma

Treated as a monster before she met Ohno Suzu, she is very shy and only trusts those that Ohno-chan trusts.

The Secret that Chou would like to tell you

In the house where she was found, the maid had brought in a stray cat for the house's owner, hoping that the pet would get rid of whatever it was that lived under the sink.   Until that day, Chou had appeared inert. No one had seen her do anything.   When the cat poked Chou with a clawed paw, the ooze acted in self-defense. Thus the cat had a heart attack when Chou actually moved. She felt bad about the incident. But instead of letting the escaping ki go to waste, Chou slurped up the nutrients, leaving charred remains.   She blames the maid for the death of the cat.

Intellectual Characteristics

Intelligence of a toddler, possibly higher.

Morality & Philosophy

No known morality, other than fierce protection of her favorite person.

Personality Characteristics


Unless it has to do with her owner, sucking up ki will be her priority. Though, she does try to be relatively polite about it by nibbling and snacking a little at a time from humans.

Virtues & Personality perks

Loyal to a fault and protective.
Can disable enemies quickly.

Vices & Personality flaws

Sometimes she's obstinate and small-minded, but never with Ohno-chan.
Cho has the ability to kill another being by draining their ki completely. Though, she's never been witnessed to do so.

How do you say my name?


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Year of Birth
12/30 (She picked a date, since she does not know the day she became self aware.)
Best guess? Chaotic to rebel neutral.
Current Location
Circumstances of Birth
Unknown. Most logical conclusion - a batch of agar that went bad and was left for over 100 years. (Old inanimate objects are believed to come to life sometimes, they're called Tsukumogami.)
5 lbs / 2 kg
Known Languages
Japanese. She understands but with no mouth or vocal cords is unable to speak. If she can gesture, she will answer. Otherwise she'll ignore you or form arm-like tentacles and cross them.


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