Codename: Kappa

Rumors about the elusive head of the Sumichou Underground abound. Very little can be confirmed, other than their codename—Kappa—and an angry-looking frogman avatar which is scrawled under all the rebel graffiti left in a very distinctive writing and glowing magic style.   Kappa is a quiet leader and healer, unless vehemently addressing the Akumakai through encoded video speeches. No one has seen a real kappa in Sumichou. Could this being really be one?


Rumors with Likely Basis

  • Kappa may be multiple yokai because they sometimes appear in several places at once. Though the magic style is so unique in all the evidence left behind, this is not as likely.
  • The Akumakai caught Kappa, who almost died escaping. Skeptics say no one escapes the Akumakai.
  • Many in Sumichou have lost hope and doubt that Kappa and the Underground can make a difference, or that a new leader will be worse than the current leadership.


    Proof of Existence

    At random intervals Kappa hijacks the video and audio feeds throughout Sumichou and occasionally parts of Kabukichou, with messages pointing out the cost of this 'freedom' they enjoy. They mention the days of the yokai based yakuza are numbered and always end with:
    Leaders of the Akumakai we are coming for you.


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    Kappa's Stylized Avatar

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