Dimensional Pocket

Need additional storage for your every day carry or private stash?

  We have just the spell for you! Create your own cache in the void for a secure vault that keys only to you, or attach it to yourself for portability.

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Jidai Archane Corp., researchers of all spell related magic and creators of the patented, most stable form of the the Dimensional Pocket spell, is excited to help you with your thaumaturgical storage needs! Reliable secret spaces are a must for every Yokai. Sign up for a tutoring session today and never lose your items again!  


Whispering the specific phrase of ancient Japanese while applying ki to the words will create a storage space in the void. When the pocket manifests, a blue glow forms in the air—much like a portal. Connecting it to an object will connect the void storage to the object. Each opening and closing requires ki from the caster, so it's keyed to your own magic. Creation is the most draining part, so ensure your ki reserve is full when you arrive for class!  


Even the tiniest of breezes can blow an unattached pocket about. Ensure you attach the 'pocket' to something or you’ll permanently lose the space and its contents.   Mage work for hunting down your lost pockets is extremely taxing and expensive. Jidai Archane Corp is not responsible for spell caster accidents. While we can help hunt down a dimensional pocket, we cannot break the seal due to legal and magical restraints.  


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Effect Duration
Until dismissed. This spell requires a high level of energy and is only available to natural magic users (those born with it, usually Yokai). The amount of ki needed depends on the size of the storage area.
Nakamura Nobu shared his spell from the copy of Onmyoudou and Ofuda: A Research Compendium with the library of Kyoto Jidai Arcane University and asked if we could improve it. He'd lost a family heirloom and wanted to spare others the frustration.

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