Granting of the Guardian Mantle

We'll tease you a little. But it's good-natured, and meant to welcome you to the group. Once you're part of us, we'll always have your back.

  When the League of Guardians inducts a new member, Soujou-bou puts out a call for all available members. The gathering will welcome the new member, give them the Mon representing the area they will protect, and throw a party to celebrate the new Guardian.



Before written history, Soujoubou created the League of Guardians. The first ones were a hodgepodge mix of 12 volunteers wanting to make a difference in the lives of their fellow yokai by minimizing clashes between their kind and humans. Soujoubou impressed upon the new guardians the gravity of their post, but also let them know they were part of his family.   Now Guardians number in the hundreds since cases. Clashes with humankind have multiplied. Few uninhabited areas remain for yokai to hide. As the yokai population declines, the remaining yokai don't hesitate to volunteer for the League. It’s an honor.


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League of Guardians
Organization | Mar 4, 2022

The organization responsible for maintaining order and balance among and for the yokai of Japan.

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The formal uniform of the Guardians

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The way League of Guardian members identify each other

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How to decode the secret mon of those in the League of Guardians

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