Guardian Fill in the Blank Game #1

This is a word game like MadLibs.   Reveal the word list. Print out this page. (Don't peek at the story part!) Pick random words to fit the description and write them down in the word list. The sillier the better!   When you have your word list complete. Click on the word list button to hide the word list. Reveal the story and print that section. Then fill in the words. Read the new story aloud for best effect.

  Reveal the Word List

Word List

  Reveal the Story and Fill In Your Words

The Story

My aunt beelines straight to him, bowing, then exclaiming, “1 Noun-san! It’s been a while!”   Despite her 2 Adjective greeting, he’s curt. “It has. But Soujou-sama is waiting. He will not be 3 (Adjective - past tense).” Stiffly, Kairi leads us through the inner gate, grudgingly allowing us to 4 (Verb) our paws at the entry. The winding 5 (Noun) of rooms has me lost and the polished wood floors announce every step with a loud 6 (Sound word). They’re 7 (Animal) floors, like I’d read about in Nijo Castle.   Our guide tucks his wings back and kneels to open the sliding panel before bowing and 8 (Verb ending in -ing) us. “Great Tengu, they have arrived.”   A short man with gray wings at his back and a humorously long 9 (Body part) rises spryly from a meditative pose. He greets us with a scathing tone, but respectful actions. “Nakamura-san, you never were 10 (Adverb ending in -ly), were you? And this is my prospective 11 (Noun)?” His red ascetic monk’s robe and flowing white beard 12 (Motion verb) freely in the breeze trickling in from an open door. The view beyond hints at a picturesque 13 (Noun) garden raked into a swirling pattern.   My aunt’s ears twitch, but the jab about the rudeness of not being early 14 (Movement verb ending in -s) off her. “Soujou-sama, this is my 15 (Noun), Umeji Tatsuya.” She still breathes heavily but gives a deeper bow than I’ve seen her do before.   Next, the tengu king’s eyes narrow and his wings 16 (Verb). “Let us see you in your original shape, boy. Your magic doesn’t quite match the 17 (Noun) form you present.”   He waves his feathered fan, popping me back into 18 (Creature) shape. At least I had the sense to dress formally, in a navy 19 (Clothing item) and a tie that Su-chan picked out for me. Though, I still feel out of place. Besides my aunt and I, everyone else wears a kimono and 20 (Clothing item). It’s different from the streets of Kyoto, where you see the traditional clothing only occasionally.   Then Soujou-bou raises a bushy 21 (Body part). “Nakamura-san, why do you associate with a magic thief?”

  Thank you for playing! You can read first chapters of the actual story at  
Guardian story and text of this Fill-in-the-Blank Game are 2023 Amy Winters-Voss

Cover image: by Odette.A.Bach (Art), AWV (text)


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