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These members are individual yokai that protect an area. They serve 50 year terms. As the number of yokai have decreased, the areas they watch over has grown. Because the increased responsibility and danger often keeps them from having a family during that time, many Guardians now feel they are unable to serve more than one term in a row.
The guardianship is the most well known and largest group of the League.


A guardian is in charge of a region. In the case of areas with low population and low kami and yokai presence, it is over a whole town or rural district. For a metropolis, there are multiple guardians and they each have their own ward or urban prefecture . A single guardian can handle most issues, though they can request help from neighboring guardians, the League's Envoys or Salvage Crew. Less experienced members will be assigned areas with activity levels.   Thier duties include: investigating, negotiating, ensuring any kami or yokai interactions with humans go smoothly, calling the Salvage Crew and informing the League of Guardians of the altercation, ensuring that kami and yokai were not exposed to the mortals unless they wished to be, ensuring humans are not harmed, dispatching justice (removal of powers, banishment, and in the rare case--executions).   Guardians do the brunt of the work for the League and are close knit. Members posted in a prefecture know each other well. Guardians with more seniority and experience, will call upon those with less to help so they can learn and grow in their station.    


  Guardians are given the ability to use teleportation that requires little ki to perform, the ability to see if another being is telling the truth (but not force them to be truthful), and additional energy for their ki Reserve.      


Soujoubou and the Guardian to be replaced hunt for suitable candidates. If the Guardian dies before they find a replacement, other League members will help.   It should be noted that humans aren't considered for candidacy, because of their short life span, smaller ki reserves compared to kami and yokai, and tendency to fluctuate in their loyalties.

We stand in the gap for the sake of peace. (Between mortals, kami, and yokai)

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