Hiragi Clan

While other clans devlove into unorganized groups of thugs, the Hiragi clan will hold the line of dignity and peace.

  A former Yakuza clan headquartered in Kabukicho, northeast of Tokyo. Police have been putting pressure on yakuza, resulting in clashes over territory.   Three years ago a member betrayed them, and rivals in the area wiped out the group. Umeji Tatsuya and Otsuka Hiro were the only survivors and both arrested when special forces arrived to quell the violence.



Yakuza Hierarchy by Louis Waweru

Clans are headed by the Oyabun, who is to be obeyed and protected at all costs. Then there are tiers of 'child' members called kobun. The higher-ranked ones are the 'big brothers' who sponsor and mentor the lower-ranked ones, the 'little brothers'.



The Hiragi clan adhered to the Code of Bushido (focusing on courage, respect, honesty in the clan, honor, self-control, duty, and loyalty).   They believed that they were descendants of the honorable samurai of ages past and had an extreme sense of loyalty to their clan. The Oyabun viewed the members as his sons and was a particularly involved 'father' to the point of controlling who they could marry and where they could live.



Outwardly they kept the streets 'clean' and safe from violence and were always some of the first to help out after natural disasters (even before the government could help).   They didn't deal with strong negative reactions from the public because they helped lower the visible crime rates. But the ultimate goal was to benefit the clan and those in charge, and they were involved in extortion, host clubs, prostitution, protection rackets, and a slew of under the radar illicit activity.

Honor and control

Hiragi Clan

1947 - 3 years ago

Illicit, Syndicate
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Northern Pact Triad
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