Hoshi no Tama

Translates to Star Ball. Also referred to as a tama. It holds a Kitsune's soul and magic and is often carried by attaching it to one of the kitsune's tails or in the mouth. A kitsune cannot live without it.   When another magical being sees a kitsune, they see the shape of a fox where the spirit connects to the body (right under the rib cage). But the Ki Reserve is actually stored in the tama, unlike other magic beings.   Young foxes often play with their tama when bored, tossing it into the air or juggling it with other items. Sometimes a young one gets careless and loses his or her tama, or it ends up in the posession of another being. A kitsune will do whatever is needed to have the tama returned. Legends say that a fox can be made to exchange a promise of protection or prosperity in return for the vital item.  
A glowing sphere. It's surface is often patterned in traditional designs. When held it will have some give to it, kind of like stiff mochi or ripe fruit.


Personal - extremely valuable


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by Amy Winters Voss (texture by phenixgraphics)
Item type
Every Kitsune has one. So among their kind, it's commonplace. But will you be able to find a mythological fox? Best of luck!
Fits in the palm of your hand

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