Hotaru Park Soba Day

Once a year, on what is predicted to be the hottest day of the summer, the mayor declares the afternoon off for all workers. He, his staff, and the police chief serve cold soba noodles with iced mugicha to the community in the shade of Hotaru Park. Everyone gathers to enjoy the refreshing treat and drink and plan the upcoming Rice Harvest Festival to Inari.


Started in 1975 when the Mayor saw a construction crew hovering over a man who passed out on the street from heatstroke. He immediately declared the rest of the day off for the town, and contacted the radio station to broadcast the announcement. Then he personally prepared cold soba for anyone who would bring a plate. The police chief bought up all the mugicha and containers to brew it in, and served it along side the Mayor.   The event was so popular, the mayor felt it was worth repeating the break from the heat the following year. His successors have continued the tradition. About ten years after that, people talked about the upcoming festival and started planning it.


Usually around the first week of August.
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Secret Sauce?

The Mayor's recipe for the sauce is a secret passed down to each new incumbent. The sauce includes a special sake made by the local brewery for this very occasion. But the last mayor confessed that the recipe was similar to this one. So, if you can't make it for the celebration, you can still try the treat.


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Sage Rynn19
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25 Jul, 2020 10:07

This is such a wonderful food-focused event. I love how it all started, and that the mayor kept repeating it every year. Fun article.

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25 Jul, 2020 12:26

Thank you! It was a fun way to 'sneak' in Japanese food!

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