Ki Draining Arrow

Leauge of Guardians Bulletin

  Effective Immediately:
By order of the League of Guardians and Yokai courts, ki draining arrows are herby banned due to use of the forbidden spell—Stealing Ki.


This type of cursed arrow gives off an aura of black waves and is usually made of bamboo or wood. The shaft and fletching turn matte black to match its aura. V-shaped arrowheads made of steel or bone used are most common, since they cause large wounds.  


The fatality rate is off the charts. A few especially strong victims may escape death, but those trying to save the victims are at risk too.   A curse causes the arrow to drain ki from its victim and all living beings that come in contact with it. Ki quickly condenses so tightly the arrow can’t contain it. The resulting explosion sends shards of arrow and energy through the air. All that remains is a blackened crater. Timing depends on the abilities of the curse caster. We believe it to be anywhere from 5 to 30 minutes. This can only be halted if a brave mage deactivates the arrow.

Consequences of Use

The League is quick to execute anyone with a ki draining arrow in their possession, unless they were the one(s) to report it.  

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Thought to only exist in League of Guardians training manuals.
Item type
Weapon, Ranged
Related ethnicities
Related Condition
~25-40inches, ~63-100 centimeters (Adjusted to archer's draw length)

Cover image: by Rodion Kutsaev, Darius Dan, & AWV


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