Ki Users

Beings of any species can wield ki energy, the life force that flows through all things. Though the ease of learning varies. Mortals, especially humans, seem to have a harder time breaking through than yokai. This is because humans aren't born with an open ki well nor can they see the energy's course.


How do they 'do magic'?

To be a ki user, also called a 'magic user', one funnels the flow of the energy from their well into the desired effect—anything from a portal to healing to a shield. Beginners use basic spells, but advanced users are limited only to their imagination. That said, sometimes the ki does not bend to the effect the caster expected. So trying new spells carries risk.


Reactions to Magic

In the last 20-30 years, there's been an increase in demand for services such as magical healing, protection—especially for more powerful charms, and portals. Most requestors and customers are yokai.   Keep in mind, that ki use isn't common for mortals. If someone sees a ki user performing 'magic', they will receive reactions of either fear or fascination. In the case of fear, they may be shunned. With fascination, the ki user will receive non-stop requests for the spells observed. In the few cases ki users have gone abroad, they were well received and setup businesses around their magical services.  

The Ki Users Community

Now that magic is trickling back into the 'known realm' for humans, time will tell how the world accepts it. The Japanese are a humble people. Speaking openly about one's abilities is considered bragging so ki use will be slow to re-emerge. The magic community is closely knit, watching out for each other. They've all seen the blessings and curses of their abilities.

Why isn't ki use common today?

Before the Meiji Era, magic based professions were common. But the Westernization of Japan caused magic use in humans to decline drastically. The West, whose trust is in science and their own 'gods', did not see the magic due to lack of belief and ki use was dismissed as superstition and folklore. Those who practiced the art went underground. Much of the knowledge was lost in the human realm. The yokai, who went into hiding, kept the knowledge to themselves.

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