Kyoto Jidai Archane Corporation

The magic spells sales offshoot of Kyoto Jidai Arcane University's research.


Public Agenda

Yokai vary in their magic abilities. Archane Corp hopes to help level the playing field by bringing affordable spellwork to all, regardless of species.   This stance often puts them at odds with their connected college's patron, League of Guardians--who would prefer only the 'righteous' yokai have access to the most powerful magic. The two groups agreed that a limiting factor would be put on spells sold that resemble those the League uses to protect Japan.   Please note, Archane Corp does not deal in weapons spells. They met requests with stoney silence. Japan is a peaceful country, and the company wishes to help keep it so.



Archane Corp's ofuda wards are top-notch. Other popular items include Shikigami servants, disguises to fit in among the human population, Ever-warm heating elements for kotatsu, and speech synthesis for yokai lacking mouths.   Their premium line has only one product, the dimensional pocket, at the time of this article. While the spell would be handy for anyone, it's especially taxing to cast.


Bringing the best of the mage arts to all yokai.


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Corporation, Education
Alternative Names
Archane Corp, 京都時代魔法会社
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