Located 20 minutes north of Nonogawa, it has the largest population of the towns along the Nonogawa River Valley. Though its population is dwindling faster than Nonogawa's, due to the lure of better paying jobs in the big cities.

Industry & Trade

Kyuunan is supported today by its rice farms, rice processing factory, and new solar power plant. The town is best known for its tasty early harvest rice, which it exports through out Japan.   Residents hope that the power plant will not only supply them cheap electricity, but also bring enough jobs to keep the town's young people from moving to the larger cities. Some say the power plant might even pave the way for more industry.


After its founding as Kokunan, it remained a humble, tiny town that relied on rice farming and the timber industry until 1953. That was the year the southern island of Kyuushuu had a major flood that killed over 1,000 people. Evacuees poured into western Japan and enough of them stayed in Kyuunan to double the population. They renamed the town Kyuunan to honor it's influx of residents.


Located in a wide bowl of the Nonogawa River Valley along the valley's eponym. Lush forested hills surround the town and the neighboring farms.
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Founding Date
September 9, 1899
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Author's Notes

A fictional town. Strange things will happen here in the Liminal Chronicles series, and I felt it would not be respectful to base my locations on real places. Though, I have done my best to research and make the places realistic for their supposed locations in Japan.

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