Magical Medical Clinic of Nonogawa

Quietly situated in the Ohno clan's outbuilding, the only magical healing facility in Nonogawa sees a surprising number of yokai patients that live in the river valley.   Note that mortals see no signage is visible from the outside. Only ki users have the ability l see the glowing sign.  
Heal Ofuda - by Tsuchimikado Yukitada
The small clinic has only two rooms, one on each floor. Inside the walls are a muted green-blue plaster and the floors are made of sturdy bamboo planks. A traditional bath, an exam table, and cot can be closed off from view with a curtain. An old but serviceable reception desk completes the furnishings in the far side of the room. Paper wards, called ofuda adorn the edges of the doors and windows of each wall. A small couch and water cooler sit near the doors. Nothing is new, but it's kept spotless and in pristine condition by the Ohno-clan. You can smell bleach and a gentle incense.   Patients can make appointments with the Ohno clan by calling, texting, or visiting in person. Though the Ohnos ask to be notified of major cases when the being is on their way so they can refresh wards to protect the neighborhood.   Only in rare cases are patients allowed inside the warded residence.  


Typical Japanese 2 level outbuilding construction. The main floor is the medical office and exam room and the top floor is storage for supplies, potions, the family's magical texts on healing, and additional cots. Cabinets and hundreds of drawers line the walls of the upper floor.
by Qurren


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