Order of the Spirit Keepers

Each Spirit Keeper belongs to an overarching organization called the Order of Spirit Keepers.   Their purpose is to help revive Yokai or if that's not possible, to transition them to their new home plane after their time in the mortal realm. Many of the yokai they serve have been around since the world began. If the Keepers usher a spirit on, they do their best to record anything the yokai wishes the world to remember about them or their experiences.



The Keepers have gathered a vast amount of knowledge from the yokai that leave this plane. The library of all the notes and recordings is available to the public and in person only, if you know how to contact them. They choose to keep a low profile and do not interact with technology like the internet except for archival purposes.


Organizational Structure

The Head Priest and his council appoint teams of 2-3 people, consisting of a priest (either Buddhist or Shinto trained by both religions) and up to two mages) to each prefecture. That team will handle all the cases for the region. Though, demand on the teams is growing and the order fears they may not be able to keep up with the needs in the future. They are recruiting in both belief sets, hoping to keep up with the demand until the population numbers turn around.
Hirose Asahi, who transferred from the Head Priest position at Fushimi Inari Taisha to fill this lesser known, but very important position
Headquarters in Kyoto. Offices are in every prefecture.
Buddhist and Shinto
Religious, Holy Order
Alternative Names
Keeper Order


In 2012, the League of Guardians discovered that the decline in yokai numbers was linked to that of the human population. Undercover, they contacted the heads of the major shrines and temples, who quickly set up an emergency meeting to discuss what they might do. Unfortunately, we can't avoid most of the tragedies of losing yokai to the afterlife until Japan's population increases again. But both Buddhist and Shinto leads felt it was important to work together to do what they could to save yokai from disappearing from Japan.   They formed the 'Order of the Spirit Keepers' and recruited ki users and Onmyouji from all over Japan to assist with reviving as many of the fading yokai as possible.

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