Oyabun of the Akumakai

The leader of the Akumakai yokai criminal organization and ruler of the underground district of Sumichou.   Their word is law, and they have access to enchanted weapons no mortal has ever laid hands on. In their realm, they claim to rival the greatest of the Kami. Though why they have not challenged the kami, no one knows.  


Only the first Oyabun came into power peacefully. After that, brutal coups took place for regime changes.   The latest ended with a gruesome beheading where the old leader's head was posted on a pike at the main entrance. Suddenly, a new set of guards surrounded the Heavenly Palace, and the Cleanses started.  

Who's in Power?

Oddly enough, the current Oyabun keeps a low profile. Sumichou citizens don't know the identity of their leader. Just that they are extremely powerful and ruthless. Yokai life means little to this Oyabun.  

Duties and Responsibilities

Beyond the self serving, ego feeding ones? To prosper and grow Sumichou, so more yokai find the underground haven for their kind.  

Darker Content

Mature and possible trigger topics are mentioned, but not discussed in depth in this article.


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Team Umeji Team Nakamura Team Soujoubou (Book 2)
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Equates to
King/Queen of a fifedom
Power Structure
based off the pyramid style of the Yakuza
First established
Self proclaimed
Form of Address
Oyabun, (name)-dono
Source of Authority
Right by conquest
Length of Term
Life or unless they pass the title on (the latter is only a theoretical option)
First Holder

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