Razor Vine

A semi-sapient vine-like plant with razor-like barbs that relax when calm or extend when threatened. The barbs are used to shred anything the plant comes in contact with, as the vine whips around like an unrestrained high-pressure hose.   The vines tend to be very long, growing up to 20 meters in length. But the circumference is thin in comparison, only growing to the width of a human's wrist. They are a hearty species able to withstand extremes in temperatures, from very hot and humid to several degrees below freezing.

Basic Information

Genetics and Reproduction

The most common way is by voluntary samples from the host. It is thought that new sapient vines are created by an overabundance of ki in an area, giving them life, self-awareness, movement, and control over their thorns.

Growth Rate & Stages

Growth is about 3 meters a year, so they can compete with anything that might attack them. (Though, researchers are unsure why anyone would be so foolish.)

Ecology and Habitats

Warm, humid forest regions.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Nitrogen-rich fertilizer in a loamy soil. They can leave their pot. But need to return to it every few days to feed.

Additional Information


From sprigs volunteered by a parent plant that trusts a human with its offspring. (Rare.)

Uses, Products & Exploitation

Some theorized that they may be employed to help with the paper recycling industry. But attempts to persuade any beings of this species have met with failure. Is it that they are too stubborn or simply wish to live freely?

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Razor vines don't have any apparent sensory organs, but researchers have been able to confirm they hear, feel, smell, and taste. They also detect their surroundings, but researchers hotly debate whether this counts as sight or not.

Symbiotic and Parasitic organisms

Razor vines prefer to live with a tree that has a Kodama, so they can have company. Do they communicate? Likely, though researchers are unsure how.

Discovered by
the Ohno clan in the 1700s
Genetic Ancestor(s)
100+ years
Conservation Status
Unknown. At least uncommon.
Related Ethnicities

Cover image: Autumn Vine by Mitchell Luo


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