Rise Fill-in-the-Blanks Game #1

This is a word game like MadLibs.   Reveal the word list. Print out this page. (Don't peek at the story part!) Pick random words to fit the description and write them down in the word list. The sillier the better!   When you have your word list complete. Click on the word list button to hide the word list. Reveal the story and print that section. Then fill in the words. Read the new story aloud for best effect.
  Reveal the Word List

Word List

  Reveal the Story and Fill In Your Words

The Story


  2 (VERB +ING) to stock the low shelves at TaniMart makes my 3 (NOUN) ache. Though I’m not gonna risk 4 (VERB +ING). I’m lucky to have this 5 (NOUN) , even if it’s 6 (PART OF THE BODY)-numbing. Someday, I’ll have my own 7 (NOUN). Right now? I have to save up since the feds took every yen of my 8 (NOUN) when they threw me in the 9 (NOUN).   10 (NOUN) shoots through my 11 (PART OF THE BODY) as something bounces off. Crash! Years of ready-to-12 (VERB) reflex have me jumping to a defensive 13 (NOUN). What the…   14 (ADJECTIVE) glass and 15 (ADJECTIVE) plums litter the polished 16 (NOUN). Reflections of the overhead lights 17 (VERB) at me in the puddles of 18 (LIQUID). Then the green, 19 (ADJECTIVE) scent of shiso hits my nose. 20 (ACTION), Umeji. It wasn’t an attack.  21 (EXCLAMATION), Mister!” A boy and his 22 (NOUN) stare wide-eyed at my 23 (NOUN PLURAL) after giving a bow.   “Please, finish your 24 (VERB +ING). I’ll take care of this.” When I reach to pick up the 25 (NOUN PLURAL), my heart sinks as the distinctive blue-black 26 (NOUN) and red 27 (NOUN) designs of my irezumi tattoo sleeve show through the transparent white fabric of my shirt. Despite the deafening silence, the hint of the ink that marks my past 28 (VERB +S) like a siren, warning all in my vicinity. Why the 29 (EXCLAMATION) does our uniform have to include a white 30 (NOUN)?
  Thank you for playing! You can read first chapters of the actual story at https://go.liminalchronicles.com/RiseTeaser  
Rise story and text of this Fill-in-the-Blank Game are 2021 Amy Winters-Voss

Cover image: by Odette.A.Bach (Art), AWV (text)


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