Sapient Filtering Agar

A highly intelligent version of the Semi Sapient Slimes. These agar based blobs are excellent cleansing filters for all kinds of magical and illness based maladies.



A jelly-like, ball-shaped blob with no skeletal structure or visible organs. But they communicate telepathically with dolphins and some magic users.   Out of water, the slimes dry up too much to be graceful. On land, the agar shifts its weight to roll. They don't do well with much of an incline. Instead, they patiently wait and hitch a ride on an unsuspecting mobile being. Water is another matter. They absorb water from their surroundings, and can shift their shape to create simple fin-like structures. They can also siphon water to propel themselves in the direction they wish to go.


Genetics and Reproduction

Unlike other slimes, they only grow to a saucer-sized width before they divide and create more of their kind. They grow best when fed large amounts of ki. Though, they are not predatory about their ki consumption. Instead, they try to offer a symbiotic benefit by filtering out any diseases for their host.


Average Intelligence

Not fully evaluated. But as best researchers can tell, they have at minimum toddler level intelligence.


Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Despite having no visible sensory glands, the slimes can 'see' and know when they are near other beings and objects.     For sticky Yokai that absorb objects and ki, they keep themselves free of debris. To do this, they expel the foreign objects with a puff or air or water. Thus, if you hear hissing or feel something hit you, it may or may not be an insult or aggressive behavior.


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Genetic Ancestor(s)
Scientific Name
Aquilaria malaccensis sapiens
Unknown. Assumed to be immortal like other yokai.
Conservation Status
Unknown. Though with the help of the Ohno clan, the species is multiplying quickly.
Average Height
6 inches / 15 cm
Average Weight
1-3 lbs / 2.2 - 6.6 kg
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
Natural colors of seaweed: greens, browns, and reds.
Related Ethnicities
Discovered by
Related to
Semi Sapient Slimes
First discovered
Off the shores of Rumoi in the Sea of Japan, Hokkaido

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I love the idea of intelligent, cute slimes. Very original. I can see them being pets/assistants to technicians and scientists in labs.

5 Aug, 2021 19:57

Thank you! Yes, they probably hinder at least as much as they help. :D

5 Jul, 2021 07:28

Very fun, very cute. But also: I need to know more about dolphins in your setting O.O

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Thank you! That is an awesome article idea!

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Yesss, more adorable slimes :D

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5 Aug, 2021 19:59

So glad you do! Thank you!

16 Jul, 2021 06:41

"On land, the agar shifts its weight to roll. They don't do well with much of an incline." OMG!   More sliiiiiiiimes <3 :D I love this. I love that they have slight intelligence -- I want one :D

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