Semi Sapient Slimes

Oozes that gain self-awareness

This type of yokai are least documented. They fall under the tsukumogami class.   Slimes are believed to originate from batches of sticky foods such as agar, egg, or natto that have been preserved or from gelatinous substances in machinery that also have turned into tsukumogami. Most foods don’t last long enough to gain a soul.   Only one instance of a non food slime was documented after being extracted from its machine host. The machine host seems to absorb this type.   Food based oozes are fragile and tend to not last long unless they become vampiric, absorbing ki from other beings and things around them. It is unknown why they don’t succumb to the negative effects of stealing ki. But with the power, they gain cohesion and durability.  



A blob. People think it’s inert until it moves or responds to touch. Colors and transparency vary depending on the substance from which they form. Pinkish cores are visible in some transparent varieties.

Abilities and Perception

  • They seem capable of understanding human speech.
  • Using gestures, they may respond.
  • They can sense others around them, though no one is sure if they see or use some other mechanism. Perhaps they sense each individuals’ ki as a separate signature?
  • Some drain ki and my take so much energy that their victim perishes.

  • Reproduction

    Slimes manifest from something else. Though, some blobs can be divided. Getting them to stay still long enough is the tricky part. It is unknown if they feel pain.

    Growth and Stages

    They don’t seem to grow, unless they gorge on ki.   Oozes may form appendages at will, depending on how advanced they become. Few manifest temporary facial features.

    1 Most information comes from warnings in Herbalism, Potions, & Magical Healing.
    Average Intelligence
    Toddler level
    Genetic Descendants
    Conservation Status
    Near extinction. It is thought that many semi-sapient slimes aren't discovered before they are absorbed or destroyed, because they don't appear to react.
    Related Ethnicities

    Semi-Sapient Slimes in Liminal Chronicles

    Chou is the first that the Ohno clan has come across in a century and a half.  

    Articles under Semi Sapient Slimes

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    Author's Notes

    I could not find slimes in Japanese folklore. Liminal Chronicles needed them. So, I got to make my own. ;D

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