Sengo Muramasa

千子村正 (a.k.a. Muramasa I)

Famous sword smith from the 15th century, who started his own smithing school and passed his knowledge to his son and grandson. His most famous work is known as Myouhou Muramasa (Muramasa of the Sublime Dharma), a katana stamped with his name and a Buddhist mantra. It has engravings of a myhological dragon-powered flaming sword. Myouhou Muramasa was made on November 10, 1513.   Muramasa swords and daggers were reknown for their sharpness. Rightly so, because every swordsmith is a priest of thier craft and he wove in prayers for that attribute. He also used a distinctive random wave hamon that were mirrored on each side of the blade.  

Character Portrait image: by Hero Forge


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