Sumichou Underground

Sumichou, the cesspit district under Kabukicho, has a large population of yokai who into existence because of the crime in the below-ground mini-kingdom. The Akumakai drafts every yokai that lives there into its fold.   Only two yokai are reported to have completely escaped the vice grip of the crime overlords throughout the decades. While some of the spirit beings just accept their fate, some are organizing and trying to fight back. These brave souls are the Sumichou freedom fighters, the 'underground of the underground' as they teasingly call themselves. The group meets at random places and they have no headquarters. How they communicate, beyond in person, is not documented.



The group has varied interests. But they recognize that Japan's shrinking population means the yokai population is doing the same. The Sumichou Underground all share the following mission:
  • Oust the Akumakai
  • Become part of Japan's democratic society (They've been outside of that jurisdiction due to being magically hidden.)
  • Rebuild the area so it's safe and can allow for tourism and trade
  • Eliminate anyone who betrays them (It's a matter of survival.)



    Members must be very careful to keep hidden from the Akumakai. So they only mark themselves as members with a pinprick sized magical tattoo, placed under their clan tattoo.


    Codenames and Secret Messages

    Each member picks a codename and never reveals their true one. This way they can plausibly deny knowing each other so they don't have to give up member names if the Akumakai catches them.   They revived the ancient, pre-Chinese writing system called Ryuugo (known only to the oldest of the yokai) for messages.
    Parent ethnicities
    Related Locations


    Major Figures

  • Kappa - The quiet leader and healer. Though no one has seen a real kappa in Sumichou. Could this yokai really be one?
  • Baku - The eater of the 'dream' that Akumakai helps anyone but the Oyabun. Though you will never see Beku's face, they show each potential member what life could be without the clan.
  • Phoenix - The one who gives each new member their pinprick tattoo and rebirth as part of the resistance.

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