Takoyaki Truck

Ohno Ken started making Takoyaki for festivals to earn a bit of cash, by sharing Nonogawa's favorite treat, of fried doughballs with a small piece of octopus inside it. The snacks were so popular that he started selling them every Friday evening from 6-9 pm. His bright yellow truck with a big red octopus on the side can be found parked on the south side of Hotaru Park. Half of the procedes from sales go to supporting the Rice Harvest Festival to Inari, that started his booming business.   The takoyaki are served piping hot in sets of 6 or 8 and you use the provided toothpick to deliver each dough ball to your awaiting taste buds. They are made to be eaten in one bite, you may need to suck in a bit of air to cool off your mouth so you don't get burned.   Be prepared for a wait, it takes a while to make each batch, and there's always a long line. Many families use the Takoyaki truck time as their eating out for the week, so entire batches are gone after a few families stop by.   If you haven't tried these, do try them. Ken makes the best takoyaki in the Nonogawa River Valley.  

How Takoyaki Is Made

Ken was too shy to let us video him making takoyaki, so please enjoy watching a vendor from another area prepare this awesome treat.
けんーちゃん!!! (Ken-chan, as his customers lovingly refer to him as)
Food Truck
The best takoyaki in Western Japan. Anyone who says otherwise hasn't tried these.
Complement / Crew
Up to two chefs

Cover image: by NICK YEH from Pixabay


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