Nonogawa’s largest grocery store, owned by Satou Kazuo. Matsuo Eiji is the assistant manager. Tanimart has a bigger selection than even in the much larger town of Tsuyama and rivals the biggest chain in Okayama City.


Catch of the day is shiped from Okayama City and is ready for the store’s opening at 8am.   TaniMart is the only store to carry Korean food items for the few residents of Korean descent and fans of that cuisine.

Will you join:
Team Umeji Team Nakamura Team Soujoubou (Book 2)
or all three?

When you choose the team with the secret(s) - the secrets(s) will appear.

TaniMart Location

(the yellow marker)
Alternative Names
タニマート (Valley Mart)
Supermarket / Megastore
Parent Location

Cover image: by Odette.A.Bach (Art), AWV (text)


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