The Cleanse

Noob, that's the two-minute alarm. Get into a building and pop up a magic shield. Now, boy! Your survival depends on it!
Tezuka Hisashi talking to a fresh recruit

  The lone 'weather' phenomenon of Sumichou, a magically induced flood that sweeps the area clean of pollutants.    

Manifestation / Visualization

Akumakai mages summon massive amounts of seawater and store them behind the cavern ceiling's giant gates. Then they add strong acid to the water to help dissolve anything unpleasant on the streets. When the Sumichou Techo app's countdown reaches zero, the gates open to plunge the district into watery chaos. Occasionally, lightning accompanies the flooding. Not even the mages making the flood can account for the electric storm.   Sumichou's entry gates lock within an hour of the flood. Notifications don't happen enough in advance for complete evacuation. To survive, one needs magical protection.


Resident Opinions

Most residents hate the Cleanse. But a few magical wares hockers can make a tidy profit from protection charms. This allows for them to purchase more crystalized ki rations.   The Sumichou Underground works to halt the phenomenon. When possible, they post the identities of the mages to social media sites. The mages don't last long unless they can escape the district. But that doesn guarantee their safety. Even angry stalkers and their former employer, the Akumakai, will be after them.  

Side Effects

If the mages are fully charged, they pull seawater from the Strait of Naruto. When the huge amount of water suddenly disappears from a random area in the ocean, it creates maelstroms. Since the massive tidal whirlpools naturally occur in the area, it's a brilliant cover for their seawater thefts.


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A collective ofuda based spell created by a group of mages. It drains much of the mages' ki. Those inducing it have to cycle through turns with other mages each time, or they won't be able to sustain the power to pull the seawater.
10-20 minutes
Metaphysical, Arcane

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