Crystal Row's Undocumented Rebellion

A set of encrypted comments in the app that runs every aspect of life in Sumichou holds the only proof of a rebellion that happened after the latest Oyabun of the Akumakai started ruling the district.   When you finally decrypt the comments from the alien-looking symbols into sound files, they automatically play in a mental link directly to your brain. You hear crackling, rushing of what must be a tsunami, and screams before a hushed voice begins.

## set_groups - Change a group subscription in a set of credentials ##
## new: The newly prepared set of credentials to alter ##
## group_info: The group list to install ##
## Call me Kappa. I'm taking refuge as I speak and leaving small snippet recordings of what happened as time allows. The rushing waters are the only thing loud enough to drown out the microphones on the spy cameras placed everywhere. You, lucky app user, have accessed my record as the leader of the rebellion against the current leadership of the Akumakai. ##
EXPORT_SYMBOL(set_groups) ;
## You may doubt my account since you'll never find anyone else to speak of the incident. Everyone the Akumakai could prove rebelled was swept away with a series of Cleanses or put on the damned ki extractors. No warning was given before the acidic flood waters swept through our tunnels and caverns. I only hope those I know have enough magic to survive. ##



_assign( -target=>\$max, -data=>[$nextval] )
if _num_less_than( -target=>undef, -data=>[$max, $nextval] ) ;
## You need to know of the hell that brought us to the point we'd openly rebel. Even self-willed Yokai know we need a powerful leader. We'll put up with a ton of shit before we hit the limit. ##
static int gid_cmp(const void *_a, const void *_b)
kgid_t a = *(kgid_t *)_a;
kgid_t b = *(kgid_t *)_b;
return gid_gt(a, b) - gid_lt(a, b) ;
## As soon as the previous Oyabun's head was stuck on a pike at the main entrance, things went downhill for our district. Ishida Chihiro wasn't a terrible leader, and he hadn't left a power vacuum. So I want to know why he was overthrown.
 Within a month, life was unbearable. Whoever the secretive new leader is, their demand for crystalized ki is insatiable. They don’t care about the culture here or our lives. 
Even the most minor infraction of the ever-increasing laws means being sentenced to operating the extractors. They made me take every atom of ki energy from people they condemned. When I talked to them, I learned their infractions were petty. The only chance the poor bastards had to survive was if their ki refresh rate was fast enough to keep them from passing on. To what? Who knows! Do the dead in the factories even have a soul remaining after such torture? ##
struct cred *new;
new = prepare_creds() ;
if (!new)
return -ENOMEM;
 ## When I was sentenced to work on the machines, I swore no more. No yokai, even the most depraved among us, should have to drain the life force of another being. Finding two other workers of like mind, Baku and Phoenix, we coded directions for freedom into the very application that runs Sumichou. We managed it in a way that the Akumakai can’t eradicate. It's a virus on every phone in Japan, and possibly the entire world. Baku is the genius behind it. He was the one to keep our memories alive, even if we don't survive. ##


## Check whether we're fsgid/egid or in the supplemental group. ##
int in_group_p(kgid_t grp)
const struct cred *cred = current_cred() ;
int retval = 1;
if (!gid_eq(grp, cred->fsgid))
retval = groups_search(cred->group_info, grp) ;
return retval;
## For a month we did reconnaissance and planned. We took over every factory in Crystal Row, gathering everyone we could. Then we armed them with all the condensed ki they could carry (to power their magic) and the weapons of the guards we killed. I hated the killing, but to free the yokai here from this hell was going to cost lives. An uncountable number. ##
while (left >= 0 && GROUP_AT(group_info, left) > tmp
GROUP_AT(group_info, right) =
GROUP_AT(group_info, left) ;
right = left;
left -= stride;
## We made it to the throne room of the Palace. Even had the damned green witch cornered in an anti-spell cage I could put a sword through. She dodged repeatedly. When I finally landed a blow to sever her arm at the shoulder, I was content to be ending the destroyer of my home. She howled not in pain, but a phrase we couldn't make out. ##
static int groups_from_user(struct group_info *group_info,
gid_t __user *grouplist)
## Something ripped my sword from my hand. It did the same for all the weapons and bags of ki my comrades held, even those from extra-dimensional pockets. It stripped every method of defense of us, save the ki in our reserves and our fists. I conjured a sword based on energy, but it fizzled upon touching the witch. It was like she absorbed the energy. 
Next, the cage surrounding her evaporated and, one by one, each of the rebels around me fell. What dark magic was she using? When I saw the black circle growing on the surrounding ground, I knew. ##


int i;
unsigned int count = group_info->ngroups;

## But the mystery of how she didn't pay the price for the ki theft still stymies me. Was an extraction machine placed in the throne? 
 I helped Baku and Phoenix create a stack of portals to escape and minimize the possibility of being traced. By then, she'd subdued the other rebels. Those that remained fell to their knees, panting before turning to ash. I scrambled away, but I stumbled and every step burned like I couldn't breathe. 
Gradually the drain lessened, and I ran smack dab into a group of guards. So I stole enough energy from one of them to make a portal out. Now, I'm shaking and freezing from the deadly cost. If I can manage it, I'll try to make one last set of recordings. ##


groups_sort(group_info) ;
retval = set_current_groups(group_info) ;
put_group_info(group_info) ;
return retval;
## You hold the only records of the rebellion and my identity. They've had hounds on my trail since last night. 
The hunters have cornered me and cut off magical access. So I'll perform a complete memory wipe on myself. Otherwise, the green witch will force me to give up my comrades. Then she'll extract my ki and toss my body into the next cleanse to erase any proof I existed. I included the amnesia spell with this feed, should you need it. 
<< click to access spell >> ##
while (--i >= 0
free_page((unsigned long)group_info->blocks) ;
kfree(group_info) ;
return NULL;
## Now, I pass the torch to you. Carry on the rebellion. You have all the documents and the proof of what the Akumakai under the ███ we beleive to be ████████. Work with Baku and Phoenix. The Sumichou Underground must survive to free our district, one of the last refuges for yokai in the world. 
Take up the name of Kappa and carry the torch. Bring down the green witch. Remind her that her days are numbered, even if she kills m... ##
<<loud static>>   Warning: Unable to continue the feed link.   UNRECOVERABLE ERROR!

Darker Content

Mature and possible trigger topics are mentioned. I do my best to keep things to at most PG-13, but this article may push those boundaries.



This article will turn private after the Summer Camp Awards Ceremony

Conflict Type
Battlefield Type
When it began
1 month after the latest Oyabun started Crystalized Ki production
When it ended
14 hours later, when Kappa was captured

Cover image: by Radure (AWV edited)


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