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Species | Mar 4, 2022

The dream eating spirit beast

Mt. Atago
Geographic Location | Feb 22, 2022

The highest peak in Kyoto

Watabe Yuri and Taka
Character | Mar 4, 2022

Twin, toddler-age kitsune

Species | Mar 4, 2022

Serpentine water gods and guardians

Species | Mar 4, 2022

Household items that have come to life

Ethnicity | Mar 4, 2022

A spirit or supernatural being in Japanese myths and folklore

Semi Sapient Slimes
Species | Mar 28, 2022

Oozes that gain self-awareness

Species | Mar 4, 2022

A bird-man or long-nosed hermit or goblin

Volunteer Parole Officers
Rank/Title | Jul 11, 2022

Volunteers that comprise the backbone of Japan's parole system

Hotaru Park
Building / Landmark | Dec 18, 2020

Nonogawa's largest and oldest park

Arai Ryouta
Character | Apr 10, 2022

Ghost who is the head of the PSIA Paranormal Division in Okayama Prefecture

Species | Mar 4, 2022

Racoon dogs that have shapeshifting abilities

Takahashi Yamaki
Character | Mar 4, 2022

Prefectural Police Inspector that works closely with the PSIA

Nagashima Brewery
Organization | Mar 4, 2022

They make the best peach sake in Western Japan

Ohno Ken
Character | Mar 4, 2022

The middle child of the Ohno clan and one of the town's biggest charmers

Ohno Ichiro
Character | Mar 4, 2022

Ichiro is the older of the Ohno brothers and the one with the strongest direction to his life

Arata Kentaro
Character | Mar 4, 2022

Umeij's little brother in the mob

Hiragi Clan
Organization | Mar 4, 2022

Yakuza clan headquartered in the Tokyo area

Sori Okunugi
Character | Mar 4, 2022

Seventy-six-year-old head of the Hiragi Clan

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