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The Cleanse
Physical / Metaphysical Law | Dec 27, 2021

A magically induced flood that sweeps Sumichou clean. Seek protection NOW!

Codename: Baku
Character | Dec 28, 2021

The tech guru of the three leaders of the Sumichou Underground

Codename: Phoenix
Character | Dec 29, 2021

The most elusive of the Sumichou Underground leadership

Containment Unit
Military Formation | Dec 29, 2021

The highly specialized peace keeping / cleanup unit of Sumichou

Dimensional Pocket
Spell | Dec 29, 2021

The most stable form of magical storage

Exotics Emporium
Building / Landmark | Dec 29, 2021

Pet shop specializing in the rarest pets and young trainable servitor yokai

Hatada Shiro
Character | Dec 24, 2021

A young Kojin slave who weaves beautiful sea silk fabric

Ki Draining Arrow
Item | Dec 12, 2021

A weapon banned by the League for being too deadly and using forbidden magic

Kojin's Tears
Material | Dec 24, 2021

Whether it be from sadness or joy, a kojin's pearl tears are priceless

Kyoto Jidai Archane Corporation
Organization | Jan 11, 2022

The archane spells sales offshoot of Kyoto Jidai Arcane University

Okamoto Megumi
Character | Dec 29, 2021

Savvy owner of Exotics Emporim pet and servant shop

Post Cleanse Drowning
Condition | Dec 28, 2021

If you survive the flood, the secondary effects still kill you

Ring of the Rising Sun
Myth | Dec 27, 2021

Eight famous weapons that allow their owner to become the Shogun

Sumichou Caverns
Geographic Location | Dec 28, 2021

Network of caves under Kabukichou

Sumichou Techo
Technology / Science | Jan 12, 2022

The app that runs life in Sumichou. Don't get caught with out it!

Tezuka Hisashi
Character | Dec 29, 2021

Questioner at the Heavenly Palace. He tests all newcomers for potential placement in the Palace Guard and the Containment Unit


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