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Summer Camp 2019

Somewhere in your setting, describe
Write about an influential woman in your world and what they achieved.
A total of 368 entries

Seyli Fai'or, Magistrix of the Hearthwild

Yuuto Kobayashi First Emperor of Edo

Saint Maphestar the Unkindled

Marda "Granny" Granitefist

Saint Miriam the Lightbringer

Emperor Beatrice Jarkar VII

Shela Arlant, Administrator of Ayun-Ausralia

Sand Stepper -- noble mother to all the universe

Cydirrog, The Voiceless

"Queen of Demons", Clotilde Galiana

Almia Gramsby Vesher of the Onyx Fortress

Queen-elect Tyna Kettlewhistle

Commander Nahrina Youmaran

The woman who become Empress, Ailina Dociarta

Rinalda Farflung Elfsmasher Forgemother

Meleon Queen of the Elves

Tresa Rosaura Gaskin Coyle deHolf

Kaimana the Krakenslayer

Meleth (Goddess of Love and Desire)

Jyana Crosslinks, Slayer of Monsters

Duchess Arielle Bérengère de Lyonesse

Ishtalia Benjem, Prophet of the Coming Dawn

Loee Maon, the ceramics magician

• Hàllàgîr - Röidish God of the Golden Sun

Briahna Ebelmare: The History (SC'19)

Breitheamha, Monumental of Law and Order

Lemieri Lafayet, de Loraine, Antigam

Her Majesty Queen Roisin the Dauntless

Lesson 34: A Biographical Account of Vakandor the Capitalist

Saint Haitia, The Last Queen of the Dwarves

Emilia Meryton - The Fang of Tempris

Fortune Bloodmoon- The First Vampire