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Worldbuilding Summer Camp 2021

Somewhere in your setting, describe
a building associated with healing the sick
A total of 774 entries

Healing Springs Bathhouse

Frank Herbing-Hospital

Craven Cursebreakers

Medizin im Kloster

A big date for the Saint Christopher’s Hospital

First Glass Hospital of Erwy

Chardastes Wing, Temple of Khoronus

The Herbmasher's Hut

Flamnonia Hospital

The Asezhurin Temple

The healing fount of Embura

University of Magic - Recovery wards

The Sanctum {Interim Name}

The Rock of the Wind

Red Brick Rooms, Alnea

Ilmater's Healing Hands Hospital

Wurzeldorf Hospital

Temple of the Divines

Thalmeranische Kathedrale

Saint William's Medical Pavilion

Chamomile's Mud Bar

Shelley Sanitorium

The Iron House of Healing

The Academy of Arcane Medicine

Medical Outpost #133

Dragovich Clinlic of Alchemical Remedies

Sorza's Spiritual Solutions

The Fanes of Hearth

Church of Zoiel's Blessing

Griffin Medical Clinic

Starmark Restorative Clinic

Temple of Serenity, The

Parish of the Golden Scar

Brightlight Medical Laboratory

Frisian Campus of the Peace and Mercy Hospital

Hospic Svatého Laupsenna

The Healers Hall of Aetheria - Prompt #1 A building devoted to healing the sick.

Tripler Naval Research Hospital

Madam Zuzumei's Temple

Le Clos des Preux

Ačkan Ritual Site

Lorian Cathederal of the Silver Dawn

Holder of Life's Well

Narrowport Naval Hospital

Guildhouse of the Mariners

Morelian Healer's Guild Outpost

Ampitheatre Arcanys

Lockgear Treatment Facilities

Embroidery House

Drachenruh Sanatorium

The Healing Temple of Rhames

Coedwig's Cradle Medical Center

St. Delphinie Hospital and Rescue Center

Brossal Hospital of the loving Brethren

Ruined Tower, Invaldi

The Old Villa Hospital

The Tempels of Athena

Hut of the Antari forest's witch

The Mother's Milk Apothecary

The Halls of Baaat-liba

Abbey of Sainte Marie Madeleine

Santa Casa do Caminho Azul

Temple of All Faiths

The Orphan Hatchery

Center of Holistic Alternative Treatments

St. Raiza Medical Center

The Fortress of Recovery

Winter Sister's Clerical Centre

Mesa Herbal Apothecary

Hall of the Midwife

Eilieren Infirmary

Temple of Eternal Waters

Great Refuge of Denevor

Kroiyagre: The House of Sight

The Everlight Temple

Church of Our Smiling Lady

The Moon-Goddess Temple of Ildonia

St. Marcos General Hospital

Yacosmiana Sungod

Iar Bar Plague Hospital

Temple of Heironeous, Duvik's Pass

Shrine of Loa'kuna

The Hospital of Viritus

Poppy's Church of the Watch

Temple of Communion

Durantia's Universal House of Healing

Nick's No-Knick House of Grooming

House of the soothing Shroom

North Star Community Hospital

The Medical Division of the Research University of Rellen

Ruined Clearwater Lake Sanatorium

Home of Last Hope

The Hospital of Infectious Care, Neovoly

The Burning Chamber

Aionian Sanctuaries

The Temple of Yshiran

Hospice Populaire de Radgar

Whisperwood-Salter Regional Hospital

Aienhato Vitality Stones

Remèdes fabuleux

Sanguine Institute

Temple of Shariana

Luciera's Temple in Bridgetown

The Sisters of Ambergris Travelling Apothecary Carts

Doc Hatchett's Surgery

The Abbey of the First Light

Benevolent Sanatorium

Healing Volunteer Camp

The Cave of Lothnune

The Temple Of Azventren

Madame Shyla's Apothecary

The Hospital of Decimation in Erdenfeuer {WASC 2021}

Larkmoore County Hospital

Pharos Animal Sanctuary

El monolito carmesí

St. Rodrigo's Care for the Injured and Infirm

La abadía sanadora

Heartstone General Hospital

Abbey of St. Artin the Martyr

Empyrean Ki-rin Monastery

Tempel der Martyrerin

Winkelried Monastery

794.II, 6 Meoii: The Hospices

The "Black Trade" Plague Houses

The Poxmother's Orphanage

Lux Eternam Cathedral

Morningstar Tower

The Floating Hospice

The Church of Our Martyred Lady

Juno's Landing Statue

Hôpital druidique d'Aslet

Multaven College of Medicine Hospital

Grand Temple d'Erebios

Apollo Medical and Hermes All in One Way Station

The Oasis of Mending

The healing chamber

Great Temple of Nexþei

The Greybright Sanatorium

Sanctus Maximus Hospital

The Wishgiver Centre

St. Helja's House of Healing

Velene Conservatory of Healing

The Living Temple

Isaacson Pacific Hospital

Morvonids Disease Clinic

The Rose Trellis Teahouse

Herringnome Temple Garden

Oasis Hot Springs

The Great Pantheon Library

Hana's Emergency Vulnerarium

Temple of the Inner Oracle

Torverath Institute of Health

Academy of Healing Arts

Imaka City Medical Center

Trecorvum Discward Infirmary

Ban'an'a Prison for the Hopelessly Criminal

Boscom Barbery School

The Sha're Clinic

Berenbur Manufactorium

Tripathi Institute

Wayshrines of reprieve

Temple of Arrkettil in Lastar

Black Pond Hospital

Bone Shatter Tents

Pozo de los aullidos

Altus Wellness Center

West Bridge Hospital

Cathedral of the Guiding Light

Se Cur the Whoarsouse

Locust Plaguecourts

Táldaranim feles

The Hall of Healing

Neira's Sailing Song Temple

The Well of The Fallen Goddess

The Warbling Forest

The Witch Hut of Calglennar

House of the Three

The Holy Cross Memorial Hospital

The University of Cyrune

The Keep of the Royal Congregation

Temple of the Martyred Hand

The Ruins of Citlalicue Clinic

Am-Reeves Apothecary

High Chapter House of the Blessed Tarron

Greenfinger Almshouse

Suiran Chapel of Indarr

Care Centers of Avalon

The Adventurer's Repose

The Harmony Pools

The Greenwood Centre

Temple of Light - Elenoran

The Doorway, Specialist Tattoos

Morogba's Seaside Apothecary

Great Temple of Vitkav

High Besperian Academy of Medicinal Study

Springs of Kai-Sophia

The Hospital Wing of The Royal Society Publishing

Silver coast hospital

Nazaerem Monastery

The Institute of Drakonia Medical Research

Temple to Astrid

Halvdøden hospitals and sur-services

Healing house of Eishellis

The Healing Houses of Veiltsh

The Goodwill Mansion

Kalruuth's Heart Temple


The Three Mages New Hall of Healing

Clararton Curative Clinic

Muka's Healing Doors

Ra'tasha's devout clinics

The Healing Oasis of Lefferington

The Helsing Clinic of Vampiric Thrall Rehabilitation

Pioneer Trade Building

The Hideaway: Enchanted Renewal Spa

Sporeboot's Help for All

The Selonnet Star Baths

Gardens of the Broken

Policlinica Aқ жапырақ

Lawcrane Royal Infirmary

Thermian Biotreatment Complex

Professor Corrua's Hot Spa

The Temple-Brothel of the Rose and Heart

Light Lord's Infirmary

The House of the Sickened Mind

Shrine of Earth and Water

The Unnæth Vanae House

Three Streams House

Stronghold Medical Bay

The Daemon Conditioning Chamber

House of the Mind

Wentworth Pharmaceuticals Headquarters

The Circle of Giants

1 — Abysthor Lodge

Great Apothecary of Solquieto

Lyspool General Hospital

Chapel of Saint Theresia

Shoremind Sanctuary

The Moonfolk Shrine

The Temples of Odeshi

Whirling Waters Cathedral

Sandman General Hospital

Ministry of the Mind

göbónüín pe é vutt

Temples of Seliphore

The Hands of The One

Moonlight Healing House

Thorsen's Occult Infirmary

St. Umberta's Hospital

Wind's Respite Delivery Center

Wansui Longevity Hospital

Sanctuary of Healing

The Sandorian Surgery

Den of the Cave Mother on Cethlenn

Saint Tupaux's Cathedral

Church of the Silver Dragon

Mosteiro de São Rael

The Shrine of Saint Craydin the Healer

'Dwarven Medical Burrow'

Alderthan, The Cathedral of Miracles

GRAND OPENING: The Hospital of Good and Evil Opens to Curious Holiday Crowds

Das grosse Schnurren

Marard's Plant Nursery

House of Emerald Glass

Sentius Operated Medical Facility for Anatomical Repair and Improvement

The Pools of the Revenant

Dry Willow Medical Community

Ecai Biokinesis Clinics

Celestial Magic and Medical Centre

Cathedral of Incarnation

The Vestry of the New Dawn

Dragon Springs & The Dragonic Royal Baths

Rowe House of Healing

Shanorin-Building: Royal Hospital

Temple of Aurora

The Temple of Strands

Ginecomium of the Blue sisters.

Temple of the Dragon Waters

Garden of the Kalenqyods

Pshirriag Uif Eosuidim {Hospice for Lost Minds}

Bunji House of Alchemy

Sanctum of the Eternal Pyre

Healing Bathhouses

Pneuria Apothecary

Prompt 1: Ludin's Medical Clinic

Magical Medical Clinic of Nonogawa

Hamasa Anlel College of Medicine

Warkudi's Pavilion of Remedy and Repose

Jaqulenas Kapellen


Medical buildings in France

The High Temple of Pelor

Malarigh Center for Reflection and Refuge

Kammer der Erhaltung

Golden Cathedral

Althea's Temple of Healing

Kaldelve Institution

Hestria Central Hospital

House of Transcendence

The Orchid Obelisk

Chapel of the Skyward Plea

Massabielle Grotto of Our Lady at Lourdes, France

The Ivory Academy

House of Lifebringer

Mar. Owendolyn's Embrace of Penchester

The Coldwell Caves "Rehabilitation" Rooms

The Lodge of Ludhar

The Temple of Rebirth

Hospitals of Fahlahreen

{{REDACTED}} Medical Hall

AD&D: The Association of Death and Dismemberment

The Suspended Breath

Castration Hospice

The Sparrow's Den

No'o Vaipuu radio towers

Sanctuary of the Maiden's Song

Olaxis Healing Center

Faultline Center of Regeneration - FCR

Cathedral of a Thousand Shards

Tambu's Trauma Hall

Temple of Seidtur

The Ranger's Lodge

The Al-Safi Institute of Medicine

Temples of the Palm

Vaaselhouse Hospital

Tarran State Hospitals

The Hospital of Fates

Tiran Temple, Blackstraum

John Taverrit Memorial Hospital.

Solinlicht Cathedral

Starman's Landing Hospital

Pelorgan House of Healing

House of Cleansing

Amaranthine Gardens

Hospital of the Hallowed Patrick

The Abbey at Whitemountain

Giovanese Apothecary

HTS: Healing The Sick

The Knight's Shrine

Orloch's Veterinary and Apothecary

Toadstool Infirmary

Helpful Healing House

Jogodi's Grand Temple

Temple of the Healing Moon

Hospitium Curatio autem Amor

Forest Stand of Ilixidor

Coolersville Hospital

House of Healing Mud

Tebu-Daji Apothecaries

Lady Avensha's Hospice and Hospital

Spearing Medical Center

Sanctuary of Asklepios

Selverrock Monastery

Gredderleth Hospital

Qesrir Student Research Clinic

Surbaria Healing Streams