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Worldbuilding Summer Camp 2021

Somewhere in your setting, describe
a lost or ancient language
A total of 448 entries

The Lost Language of Dera

Súbrido primigenio

the language of the dragons

The Magician Sorcery Cypher, Alnea

Lost Language of Arasram

Ancient Pictographs Found Throughout the Northlands

The Beyondian language: a myth or a reality

Ancient Qiri'tali

The Language of Dragons

The Yenome Dono's Lost

Vib'Ren, The God Tongue

The Language of Moths

Language of the Ancients

Imperial language

Univocus {WASC 2021}

Historical Keunama

Duianna Imperial Command Language

Draecish Language of the Dragons

The Primordial Language

The Daemonic Language

The Ancient Language

'Ancient One's Tongue'

Language of the Sun

Xelusian Bloodscript - Prompt #15 a lost or ancient language

Ancient Sarkorsian

Orbirian Shorthand

Languages of Humanity

The Lost Langues of the Last Age

Lerden's Explanation of Abanese

Ancient Drakonix - By Anika Tsuki

NiChow Hieroglyphs

Finally a Real Project

Language: Earthen - Kholʻen

Shattering Speech

The Ancient Tongue

The First Language

Auldewyrm, the First Tongue

Language of Scales

The Fleurian Language of Secrets

The Common Language of the Ancients

The language of Vinmar's blessing

The Farlong Dialect / The Farlongian Rune System

Discovery at the Juniper Observatory

Instructional Cyphers

Langue des cristaux d'Hespérides

Fomorii - Wave and Echo

Primordial Dialect

Lost Language of flirting

Native Sign Language

Den uråldrig språket.

The Infernal Runes of Feldazur

Damamillian - Titanic

Old High Humanic, the Language of the True Church

The First Tongue of the Ajdilgan

Language of the Originals

Speech of the Heroes

Lost Long Language

Language of the first settlers

Sigilarium - Words of Power

Thydian Runes, Pre-Adrakian Era

Sangrimirc Language & The Solsangran Code

Pelianwe, Stimme Yaewas

Ancient Silver-Speak

The Voice of the Mountain

"Old World Languages"

Truls, language of the Ur-Gazia

A Language of Legacy

Keidian - Old Human

The language of the ones before

Agean - The Language of the Failed Explorers

J'rush - Primordial Linguistics

The Tongue of the Tětshëian

Language of the Gods

The Words of the Weird-Walkers

Udathi, The Forgotten Language of the Gods

Atthan - Die alte Sprache

Old Mistontli Language

The Language of the Mappuhitu

Dialect of Raesandel

Original language of D'hale world

Die Sprache der alten Zivilisation

Language of bullsh*t

ancient giant speech

Repression of Flemish language in Flanders

The Holy Language

Polorian - Krianic Dialect

Old Common - Eald Folclic

Det uråldriga språket

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the tengku's lost language

Ancient American English

Scientific Latin

Pre-Caliphate Ezirandi

Negenani Callsigning

Kendal's Scripture