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Worldbuilding Summer Camp 2021

Somewhere in your setting, describe
an ancient and/or powerful artifact
A total of 475 entries

Soulcage Crown of the Spectral Magi

Lantern of Truth and Beauty

the split blades

Graystone of Khuldor in Venia

The True Name of Chaos

La Perdición Demoníaca

The Soul of Shadowthorn

The Doors of Glowing Rock Hold

Tempestas - Stormbringer

The ship known as the Limping Ladystrike

Wings of the Dragonfly

Pota Leighis Iomlán

The Holy Grail is full again

Valinarna's Spirit Pendant

Avux's Staff of Navigation

The Collar of Kron Prinz

Die Schriftrollen der Ältesten

Kaladanda - Staff of Death

Heartrender, Ashardalon's Bane

Hextron Funnel Globe

Waning Moonblade of House Thekalyn

Crown of the Golden Lioness

Crystal Alter of the Dragon

A Timestopping Pocket Watch, Alnea

Circlet of Elements

The S.Q.R.E Artificial Intelligence System

Necklace of Abandoned Thoughts

Ancient 1st Millennium Gun

Alighieri's Cradle

Lens of Observation

Tome of Infinite Arcanus

Black Hole Phylactery

Crystal of Harmony

Deep Space Rosetta Tables

The Mirror of Beasts

Kogitsunemaru or "Little Fox"

The Spear of Kri-kik Split-tail

Gleaming Defender {WASC 2021}

Royal Signet Ring of the King of the Northlands

The Font of Four Find a Fantastic Artifact

Scale of Bahamut

Larramendian Broach

Cut of the Ancients

The 13 pages and bookcase of Alkazar.

Apob Virbeb Vumbub: The Strong Weapon-Chest

The Ruddy Eggs of Seryngyan

The crest of Luun

Golden Epitaph of Emperor Yarken

Horros, The Great Sword of Joliath

The Orb of Orivious

The Shattered Soul of Bragi

The Crown of Sapience

The Crownsword of Thalmyria

Belethios, the Aspect of the Dragon

Relic of Time - Prompt #16 an ancient or powerful artifact

Ancient Helmet of AncestorDude

Antikythera Mechanisms & Persian Batteries

Cerulean Thunderstones

It Is All About The Bones

Krystal Transport Monolith

Holy Mirror of Tyr

Immaculate Throne

The Staff of the Loom

The Book of Past Deeds

The Pendant of The Fallen Gods

Der Blutraubdolch

The Ring of Alluris

The Pantheon's Brush

The Bident of Trininoc

Keshal's Lightning Maker

Ta'at, Stone of Grudge

Anillo de Anabjuracion

The Venerate Stone of Ancestors

The Eyes of the Mystrasi

Neverlasting Winter

Crown of the Empire

Kel'druga's Blood Daggers

Tribal Axe of the Berserker

Petite Fille Aux Yeux Argentes

Kapten Denholms Kompass

A Rusty Can with a String Tied Around It

UMK Realm Finder

Circlet of Transformation

Thror's Laser Pistol

The missing bottle of Gráhus

The Book of Selûne

Kalagash's Grimoire

Crystal Pyramid of Samul Shan

Vinmar's blessing

Disk of Concealment

The Skull of Aranthoth

Ancelin's First Tablet of Law

Animal trainer's whip

The last Acervo, probably

Crown of the Mad Moon

The Scarfall Pickaxe Head

Storm Observatory

Cristaux d'Hespérides

The Orbs of Aeol

Meteora, The Celestial Spear

The Encyclopedia

Spear of the Dawnforger

Promesses dokesh

Alchnos't 's sapphire

Spear of Ravinus

The everlasting lanterns

Rhelliganth's Reliquary

The Pendant of Vaera

The Second Holyar-Den

Staff of the Ancients

Eye of the North Star

Butter Knife of Deadliness

Wand of the Lifegiver

The High Chaplain's Finery

Well-altar of Innu Yesugai

Verifying Gearwork

Burakari, The Blade of Blind Rage

Dragonheart Staff

The Toy Bath Dragon of Aeir Kheos - By Mika Tsuki

The Vessel of Kyram

Tome of Life and Death

Der Schild von Tellura

The Hammer that continues to Fall - Anguïrin

Havs jungruns tår.

Horn of the Seahorses and Dragons

Prompt 16: The Watch of Twisted Fate

The Elemental Crown

Crown of Qerthéllnaval

Crown of the Sun & Moon

Dragon’s Fire Gauntlet

The Flame of Yaltur

Necklace of the Maiden

Das verbotene Buch der Dämonen

Blades of the Mist Dragon

Nethen Buffer Responder

Bronze Chalice of Forgetfulness

The Mirror of Loiselle

Gauntlets of the Ascended Protector

The Pelt of Katie Graves

The Hand of the Gods

Mirrorshield of Wala

Dress of Woven Blood

Verndari's Wings

The Harbinger of Blood

The Gemstone of Life

The Claw of the Vile

Abnormality Objects

Crown of the Ill-Advised

Arthur's necklace

Immortal Brick of Don't Wake the Dead

The Blueprint of Man

Reliquia de la nigromancia

Plate Armor of Ereek

Scale of Balance

Scathe, Sword of Zakharya

The Bones of Saint Vaquelin

Ethyllean Automatica

Zepter des weißen Sterns

Four Treasures of the Eladrin

The Countess's Favor

Staff of Wynn'Oana

The Book of Ignorance

Items of Forbidden Knowledge

Tilestras, The Earthshaker

Cross of Erathis

Dracorazer, Elthigar's Edge

Pink Rubber Ducky

The Artifact of Knowledge

Malice, Whisper of Vengeance

Kytuvi - Circlet of the Kingmakers

Terenbacchial Crystal

The Adakian Forge

The Nebogs of Grell

Sword of Division

The Axe of Ancient Slaying

Sepulcher of the Saintly Queen

The wooden crown of St. Basil

The Sacred Golden Book of the Knights of Light

Speer der Vernunft

Bow of the First Khan

The Dwindling Watch

Scepter of the Goddess of love

Amulet of the Groven Crystal

Crown of the Shadow Empire

Enclaver Stasis Generator

Bile of the Second Son

The Cry to Elysium

Tharivol's Book of Necromancy

Modular Anomalous Gravitational Stabilizer

Kohliya's Lantern