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Worldbuilding Summer Camp 2021

Somewhere in your setting, describe
an industrial, mining, logging or other production settlement.
A total of 421 entries

The Vardo of Alexandria

Nellindill Plastics Production District

'Elder Forest Logging Town'

Silver Mines of Podo Rath

Ecrin Logging Town

Nuremberg craftsmen once again prove their skill

Rischoff Mining Town

Prompt 29: Carson's Greith Mining Camp

Jebediah Grimstone's Rockin' Quarry and Emporium


Lavron, the city of SIlver

The Depths of Zyffrak

Canarde Logging Camp

Splitfin Sturgeon

Braccili´s Orchard

Weaver and storage hills

Davan and the Citadel

Military Alchemy Manufactory in Lyon

Ice Farming Settlement of White River.

The Logging Camps

Council of Loggers

Bentan, Trade Port of the Javani

Andrevel, The Town of Misfortune

Derrick & Sons Lumber Company

Zernograd {WASC 2021}

The Rice Gnomes Secret Black Opal Mine

The Depths of Gratholme

Octifar, citadelle d'

Tim & Burr Lumber Company

Space Station Oedipus

East-City's Logging Facility

Lumberton of Southern Star Archipelago on Oceania - Prompt #29 An industrial, mining, logging or other production settlement

The Mines of Der'kul

The Platinum Asteroid Belt of Exon-12

Henry's Excavation and Steelworks Company

Oriole Mercury Works

New East Port Town

794.II, 15 Floii: Greenwood Camp

The Northeast District

Grumbron Undercaves

Kharona, the City of Moonlight

Plaat by the False Water

The Free City of Eschen

Belly of the Beast

Umbra Mining Gorge

red-wood settlement

Settlement of Demomire

Sízgíhà City

Frost-March Hold

Ruststar prison camp

Crisialbeinn {English}

Western Mining Camp

Steengroeven van Dranjor

Aresan Starmetal Mining Camp

Hundermak: An Underground Mining City

The Hamlet of Stannilode

Mining Town of Andromeda

Eldurfell: A town of More Than Metal - By Luna Sverovarg

Ketaresh mining complex

Garnell Orbital Solar Study

South Central Rockdoors