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Chapter 1

In the world of Sorolith

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Chapter 1

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Vergus got down from his cart, and looked around the murky forest of Leifland. His nose was clogged up  with the smell of fox dung and his fine leather boots were now covered in thick and grimy mud. Vergus was a Tiefling, and he ruled the small fishing town of Fyrfish, and bore a small fortune to his name. He had always hated the countryside, so he stayed in his manor most of the time. He trudged down the forest path that was partially cobbled, two men in armour following close behind him. Soon, he could see the great doors of Sky temple, the place where he was to meet with his fellow High Ones. Vergus had red skin, with small pathetic horns poking out of his clean bald head. His eyes were thin and squinty, and he had an expertly cut goatee.One of his men moved up to the large and tall door, and knocked three times. They heard footsteps, and suddenly the door slowly opened and they were greeted by a grim-faced butler. 'Welcome...' he spoke to them with a solemn voice, 'Right this way..' Vergus poked his head around the door, and walked into a great hall of silver. Torches of bright scarlet fire lined the walls, and a silk carpet covered every inch of the floor. Vergus took off his extravagant purple robe and hung it upon a nearby coatstand. 'My my,' he said while rubbing his hands together and smiling, 'Quite a place you have here.' The butler turned to him, 'Is this your first meeting?' 'Yes, I have only recently taken over the squalid hamlet that is Fyrfish.' Vergus walked on through the temple and came into the main hall, where a dark oaken table stretched out the length of the room. It looked to be set for about fifty people, But Vergus seemed to be the first one there. Maids darted around the hall, making sure that everything was in tip top shape. Suddenly, the sound of a glass smashing, followed by a loud voice came from the entrance hall. 'Get outta me way! I have come all the way feom Dunholm, and this is the welcome I get! Look at my front! I'm soaked!' A dwarf stomped into the main hall, trailing mud. His whole front seemed to be drenched with red wine and his grey bushy beard covered almost his full face. 'Oi! Who do you be?!' He bellowed at Vergus, 'I don't remember you bein' here last time.' Vergus looked down upon the soaked dwarf and raised his eyebrows, 'I am Vergus of Fyrfish, and I'm afraid I do not know who you are either.' The dwarf's eyebrows went diagonal as he opened his mouth to reply, 'I am Gunshel of Dunholm, ya maggot! I am the boulder breaker and descendent of Bulthrog himself!' Vergus shrugged and took his seat. Gunshel did the same, but tried to sit at the other end of the table. Soon, five more people had arrived, each one owning their own city or town. The final one to arrive was Derrick of Mayhold, the current leader of the High Ones.

As Derrick sat down at the end of the table, the room fell into silence. 'Now,' He said after a while, 'I would like to thank all of you for coming today. As you can see, there is not as many members as there used to be, which brings us to our first order of business...' He paused for a few moments, 'Maeve the Gala Wanderer, is dead.' Gasps sprouted from all around the table. 'She was assassinated in the forest by a member of the Clan of Bearskins.' Maeve had been alive for three thousand years, and she was one of the co-founders of the High Ones way back when. 'I want everyone in this room at her memorial service in a months time. It will take place up in Galadwelling, and-' Before he could continue on, he was interrupted by a seemingly furious Gunshel. 'Do you think that I joined this pathetic order to be bossed around by some rich boy from the north!' The whole table looked at him in shock, for Derrick never took insults likely. Vergus smiled, excited to see what punishment would be set upon the idiot dwarf. 'I will not make a week long journey, just to grovel over an long-eared elf I've never even met!' Derrick stood up, 'YOU DO NOT OFFEND A FOUNDER UNDER THE WATCH OF SKY TEMPLE! Guards! Take this menace off of the temple grounds.' Gunshel went to reply, but was interrupted again by Derrick, 'You are no longer a member of the High Ones. I will see to it that all goods being shipped to you be sent back to their respected cities.' Gunshel was carried off in the next few minutes, and the meeting was resumed.

'Now, what's next,' he looked down at a piece of parchment, 'Ah yes, I would like to welcome our new member of the High Ones, Vergus of Fyrfish. I believe that you received the village from your uncle, correct?' Vergus smirked, 'Why yes indeed. My uncle is a very generous man.' The next few hours were spend discussing the infinite problems of all the many cities and villages. The eldest of the High Ones seemed to be an ancient-looking tortle who was sitting opposite of Vergus. He had a long slimy beard, and barnacles were stuck to his upper back shell. Vergus had gathered that his name was Sanjay, and he was the current mayor of Gala, the small town of mostly Tortles. Sanjay seemed quite content to be sitting at the table. The youngest in the room appeared to be a gnome that could barely see over the table. She had large and bulging brown eyes, with little ointy ears poking out of her curly blonde hair. Vergus caught on that her name was Ell, and she was the leader of Erespire, the town that technically is in Sorolith, but many people think is not. Ell sat in her chair rather anxiously. A fair and tall elf male sat not far from Derrick, and he had probably the pointiest chin ever to be birthed from a womb. He wore a loose green top of cloth, and a very extravagant cape flowing from his back. His hair was long and blonde, and it seemed as though it was solid, for it didn't move in the wind or shake when he shook his head. Vergus had guessed that he was Heron of Galadwelling, son of Maeve. The next main thing on the agenda was suggested by Sanjay, who also considered himself as a seer. 'I sense a darkness...from the north. Something that is lost, that must be found. I believe that this feeling is a message from the Elders, and that they are trying to warn me of something. I say that we send a group of soldiers on an expedition, to the north of Mayhold. Perhaps I am correct, and something is wrong, or perhaps not. Heed my words, Derrick...' Derrick looked at him, and then turned to a servant. 'Get ready to start cleaning, for I suspect that the meeting will end soon. Now, I want you all to bring gifts to the memorial, and don't make the same mistake that the Dwarf did...' He got up and disappeared into some double doors that had been behind his seat. They slammed behind him, and the members of the High Ones all sat at the table in silence, looking at each other. Ell was the first one to get up off her chair and leave. Her gnome bodyguards were shorter than her, and thay wielded shrunken versions of a glaive. The rest of the table soon followed, Vergus being the last one to leave. He grabbed his coat, and took one last look at the great hall of silver, before disappearing into the night...

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