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Science Fiction Suspense


By ynix

1665 2 0 1341

After pollution has reached toxic levels and the world's only nuclear reactor left melted down, society is on the brink. Governments try to provide survivors with supplies, but often cannot - people are dying too quickly. Then the new technology arrives....

Fallout 5: Wasteland Hunter's, A War Anthology

By HellsPurestDevil

870 7 0 1077

[i]It’s always been kind of a joke; The wealth of the nation being nothing more then radiation and a million squabbling factions trying to seize power and resources by any means necessary. And while that may have been true for many places still in the grips...

Horizon's Approach

By Monkos

24 0 0 0

In the near future, humanity has expanded to colonise much of the solar system. The oxygen mines established on various asteroids and planets are key to humanity's continued survival in space and its dreams of further expansion. When the mines on Ceres are...

The Umbra

By Spectral42

2216 0 0 973

Meet Veronica Sutherland and Rose Welsh; two unlikely friends who must work together to escape the Organization. Kidnapped, tourtured, and lost; Veronica and Rose must work together to escape or die trying.

Before CRISPR, There Was

By Ariel Purkeypile

865 0 0 0

90-something percent of our DNA is considered to be "junk." But one person's trash is another's treasure. An archaeologist in the Australian outback. An anthropologist in the Amazonian jungle. A lab tech grinding through samples in a CRISPR lab. How could...

Call of the Void

By AgentCheshire

398 0 0 1626

A military crew is sent on a rescue/salvage mission to recover a vessel that never made it to it's scheduled port. When they discover the stranded ship they find it completely empty. Not long after arriving, members of the crew start hearing noises that causes...

This Vast and Bright Horizon

By EMarie23

1100 0 0 10416

Kerrit Arduval is dead, but Iona is far from safe.

The Eye of Bhuta

By ejmichaels

1708 1 0 31046

Many want the Eye of Bhuta, a priceless gem that is worth an entire kingdom, but the one who possesses it wants to be rid of it. Skamsen must travel to a hostile land with a lady seemingly unaware or unconcerned of the dangers surrounding them to be rid of...