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The Creation Story of Dinner and Death

By DionMac7

1542 0 0 2422

This is the story of creation that incorporates many different belief systems. It is important to pay attention to all of the extended history in Full Content. Every nuance is explained and a lot of thought went into the original story. Some ideas were borrowed...

Shadow over Illeross: Mosaic in the Fray

By luckyl13

4435 0 0 153010

When the world seems to fall apart, there is always one lynchpin that holds steady. It might be twisting, might be bending, but that is only to adjust the weight of the load it carries as it never is removed, nor does it break. For Jean Redding, the lynchpin...

The Book of Irath

By PanthersEye

4425 0 0 49606

These are a collection of religious scriptures or text acred to the Lassfydd religion. It is an anthology that are linked by the belief that they are collectively revelation of the Goddess of Light, Irath.

The Book of Starlight

By luke128th

272 0 0 0

The Book of Starlight was written by an unknown author long before mortal life existed in any of the 5 Realms. Believed to be written by a prophet of sorts, it outlines the history of the Stargods and their realms and tells of the destruction of the impending...