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Ardentia 1839

By Markos67

1080 0 0 294

Jackson Wrend, watchman of the city of Ardent, faithfully serves the city's council in its endeavors to rid the city of mythical beings and hunt down unregistered users of the magical arts. When his team is tasked with the capture of a magical terrorist group,...

Raven and Kestrel

By baph-omet

1566 0 0 0

Chamomile Mesmera has left her home seeking the power to bring back her long-dead beloved, but must defeat her greatest challenge yet: capitalism. Fortunately, strange happenings are never far away, and a distraction of the occult nature may be exactly what...

The Oblivion Chronicles: Book 3 - Dawn of Destruction

By JHarris15

38737 11 0 70415

The Third Part of The Oblivion Series. The dead are speaking, after the events of the attack on Wolfrick manor, the group must deal with the aftermath of the attack, both mental and physical. As magic starts to creep back into the world for both good and...

Sunrises [Black Sun Series] - Book 0.5

By Geigas

55 0 0 0

There are beasts in the woods, intangible beings would black skin like shadows that live between the trees. Three children, a human and one of these creatures, cross the delicate barrier that challenges the very fabric of the peace that the group had come...

The Tale of Athee

By Jay Nevermore

1241 0 0 9548

Niar Mrots is a deeply religious girl, and a passionate altar server at the cathedral in her city. Her mother, cursed with an unknown wicked sickness, has been quarantined in the tombs under the cathedral with only a select few being allowed to see her. Niar's...

Love House Horror; feat. Pouaseuille

By Kriltch

570 3 0 1009

A collaborative story for by Kriltch & [url:]Pouaseuille[/url]. This was made for a chapter challenge where the prompt was to write the same story but each participant focusing on either physical horror or psychological...

The Sophia Chronicles space (Working Title)

By rjwo15

630 0 0 3733

The Chronicles of Sophia is an episodic serial fiction series about Sophia a teenager noble in search of her father who mysteriously disappears while engaged in a military campaign.

The Umbra

By Spectral42

2729 0 0 973

Meet Veronica Sutherland and Rose Welsh; two unlikely friends who must work together to escape the Organization. Kidnapped, tourtured, and lost; Veronica and Rose must work together to escape or die trying.

The Scarlet Ashes

By Dylonishere123

62653 103 58 74439

[center]Love is madness....[/center] [row][col][aloud][center] Morrigan bears a power, a passion. It's an addiction that endangers everyone she cares for.[br] She has a lover, but he can’t seem to remember she exists.[br]She has an enemy, a rivalry set to...

The Oblivion Chronicles: Book 4 - Love and Loss

By JHarris15

36563 15 0 74599

The Fourth Part of The Oblivion Series. The Shadow has returned and evil has seemingly triumphed. The group must adapt to survive without Alan Wolfrick, with the worst still to come, and not all will see the end. Hope remains as they meet new allies amongst...

Bad Boy - Draft 02

By Geigas

841 0 0 46518

Note (At the beginning): This story is NOT a happy one, and this may, or may not, end happily. To this end, Dash (whom I have donned the name "Michael", with Dash being his given nickname) will be subject to many very violent, abusive, and unpleasant situations....

Z12: Lost In the Rain

By amelianite

1730 0 0 0

What if Jeff the Killer realizes his brother is still alive and Jeff's falling in love? Jeff the Killer enjoys killing at any time of the day, but he's been having a hard time lately. His mind has been on a girl he can't quite figure out. This girl is Jasmine...

The Coming of the Dragon

By kijilinn

1496 0 0 7498

Marek succumbs to the pressure of the Dragon's possession for the first time.

Moonsides [Black Sun Series] - Book 0

By Geigas

40 0 0 0

Seas of dark and cold brought forth light and sound that they couldn't perceive, or wouldn't, resting beyond the grain of time and space within the confines of a gilded cage of their own creation. It, them, him, her; holding no meaning as they brought forth...

Remnant: Arklight, Book 2

By ReaverArklight

284 0 0 7399

The journey is far from over. Nor is our time in Evergreen. Luna has unfinished business in the Evergreen ruins and our heroes eventually get roped into a second adventure into the city. Meeting Cherry Blossom and unravelling some mysteries the past. There...

Velnevin: Through the Years


620 0 0 3292

A collection of roleplays between Naigraza and M3CUN1V, spanning over a decade. They have been edited and re-written in story format.

"Bad Boy" - Draft 01

By Geigas

1236 0 0 14058

The architypal bully, classical in his insults and popularity, by neither couldn't be further than the truth.

Call of the Void

By AgentCheshire

650 0 0 1626

A military crew is sent on a rescue/salvage mission to recover a vessel that never made it to it's scheduled port. When they discover the stranded ship they find it completely empty. Not long after arriving, members of the crew start hearing noises that causes...

Letters from Ganymede

By JohannesTEvans

7260 0 0 24416

Ganymede Cavendish, a recent graduate from the Royal Academy of Arts, catches the eye of an anonymous benefactor. Mr Smith will offer Mr Cavendish food and board, all the artistic supplies he might require, and space with which to work: they shall never meet,...

Tale As Old As Time

By Tris

1162 0 0 14841

Explosive time travel story with some supernova magic, vampires & some very gay smooches in the dungeons - this is the hopeful apocalypse weirdness I need to finish this disaster of a year with.

The Beast of Ravenwood

By ParanormalDrake

190 0 0 1743

The small logging town of Ravenwood has been terrorized over the last few weeks, by an unseen beast. The creature comes into the town at night, and by morning its wake is well felt in the blood that runs in the street. No one has seen it, at least not and...

The Dark Book

By Robin Versloot

2395 0 0 6304

A journal from Jan Cornelis. He's a family man and down on his luck. To support his family he takes a job at the Zoological Society Magistra Artis Natura. Little does he know that there is more to the zoo than just the animals in cages.

Neither Here, Nor Now

By Popswhat

1463 0 0 0

The Yith, a race of time-traversing highly intelligent aliens seek to start a new civilisation where they can research a way to retroactively prevent their own extinction from a terrible predatory race known as The Sin'ahk. Mad cultists devoted to the Sin'ahk...

Saga of the Rising Tides

By o0beRks0o

1147 0 0 31193

Book I of IV. As a new Monarch of the Lands rises to power, sinister tidings begin to unveil themselves. In a world already rife with conflict, will a burgeoning Rebellion succeed in opposing the Monarch's new direction? What will the fate of Craeto Ahmon...


By Dhan

1236 0 0 15768

Zusammenfassung / Re-Write von "Gefahr aus der Finsternis" und "Dämonische Instinkte" (2005) sowie entsprechenden Ergänzungen (2020) ReWrite auf Englisch für Publish und Comm-Feedback!!

The Name of the Manuscript

By DarkDekuLord

1377 0 0 9462

Prompt : Tell us about a touch changing someone’s life Treat others as you wish to be treated. The golden rule that has existed since before recorded time began. But what happens when you don't wish to be treated that well. Derek, an up and coming adventurer...

Never Go Hungry Again

By Nerdsmith

1623 1 0 1526

(flashback) Constance Corey chose of her own free will to become one of the Kindred, but her Maker's cruelty set her on a course to never feel secure that starvation wasn't always around the corner...

House 14

By JHarris15

1180 0 0 0

Four teens think they live in the most boring town of the UK, now a serial killer arrives to put an end to those thoughts, as well as their lives as they know it.

Account of the Events of 4E240

By Tarn_IV

5611 0 0 6188

The accounts of Elisio Ribeiro, count of Ameança concerning the events of 4E240 often referred to as the Black Dawn Crisis. A short story based on the events of a tabletop game and inspired by the works of H. P. Lovecraft.

The Thorns Roleplaying Game

By JohanWq

1625 0 0 6207

A roleplaying game for stories where the danerously supernatural cross over with the frighteningly real. You take on the role of someone who has started to see the dark things hiding behind what others think is reality. You might have discovered some tools...


By gajusmaximus

2014 4 1 9989

Die Frankobritannica ist ein Kolonieschiff, dass nach einer mehrere Jahrhunderte dauernden Reise durch den Hyperraum das Novum-System erreicht. Leider konnten die Menschen der alten Erde nicht alles voraussehen: Nach der Rückkehr in den Normalraum geschehen...

The Oblivion Chronicles: Book 1 - The Game Begins

By JHarris15

37985 4 0 59749

The First Part of The Oblivion Series. A thousand years have passed since the fall of the western empire. When an old enemy begins to re-emerge, will the fractured people of the west unite or will their differences be to great. FEEDBACK WANTED

Miscellaneous Short Stories, and Other Stories

By Timepool

7131 30 9 6524

A collection of miscellaneous short stories, some new, some old, some previously published, some kept in the bowels of my hard drive— none attached to my current world anvil worlds. None with a home, until now. I plan to not only write whatever suits my fancy...

An Unassuming Bag of Poems

By Timepool

1830 4 1 1027

An unassuming bag of poems sits in the back of your living room, how did it get there? Inside you find poems, some horror, some whimsical, others depressing. All can be found, here.

"Banished" (taster!)

By LouYardley

6593 0 0 12617

Welcome to the monstrous world of Venari. Try not to get eaten. Elkbury is an idyllic village, hidden away in a rural area of pseudo-medieval Venari. It's a place free of death and disease due to a mysterious ceremony called the Banishment. It's a secret...

The Sandwich

By yam655

187 0 0 1821

15 years after a sandwich killed her family, a young woman returns to her home town to settle the score.

The Oblivion Chronicles: Book 2 - The Answer's Call

By JHarris15

35947 9 0 55016

The Second Part of The Oblivion Series. After the events of the first novel, join the group once more as they battle not just against the ruling power of The Imperial City, but against a secret organisation that has been pulling the strings of power for centuries....