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Classic Fantasy

Becoming Hercules

By gfishbone

11457 0 0 40183

Alkis has the strength of ten men. Iphicles comes from Ethiopian royalty. Pyrrha’s ancestor hatched from a dragon’s tooth. In seven-gated Thebes, these budding heroes will team up to redeem their honor, save their kingdom, and uncover shocking truths. BECOMING...

Her Şeyin Sonu

By buckwell

1139 0 0 4417

[h2]Teker teker düşmekteydi düşünceler, duygular ve kişilikler; insanlığın benliği yok olmanın eşiğinde, bir canavara dönüştürülmelerini sağlayacak korkusuz ve acımasız bir gücün elinde çaresizlerdi.[/h2]

Blut und Eisen(Working Titel)

By Kenok_Ironblood

317 0 0 0

Dieses "Buch" handelt von den Abenteuern meiner DnD Gruppe. Welche mich durch Ihrer Kreativität und Wahnsinn dazu veranlasst haben, ihrer Episoden fest zu halten.

The Tale of Rajin

By dankinamun

1423 3 0 2116

The tale of two brothers as they seek to find eachother in a world that so depserately wishes to keep them apart.

An Inconvenient Wizard

By markcromwell

755 0 0 5

A young boy discovers he has the talent to be a wizard and must overcome almost insurmountable challenges to be accepted as a true wizard.

The Hidden Sonnets of Caedmon Briarheart

By LadyAdepha

4908 6 0 2253

It is well known throughout Valdys that Cademon Briarheart, Royal Guard and author of the many poetic works which have been posthumously compiled into the popular 'Bardic Lyrics of Caedmon Briarheart', was the long time lover and partner of the late King Velebor....