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Lilly's Story

By Lilly Snow

1505 0 0 0

The simple tale of one woman's journey through a century of political and personal upheaval. Lilly was born into a peaceful life. However, her fate is taken entirely out of her hands when she is unceremoniously claimed as the daughter of a strange and frightening...

Terra Tales: Claws from Below

By Shadowrodney

132 0 0 858

Follow FBI agents Johnny Smith & Stella Jorgensen as they investigate a town gone missing and discover the hidden world that lies underneath our very feet.

The dark wars: book one

By Tortledungeon

770 0 0 3792

The Dark War was one of the hardest times for all the people of Coreth. Grief is a re-occurring theme in this story, so if that is not your cup of tea, I suggest you do not read this.

Finding the Source

By George Sanders

674 0 0 6065

Signal had been under the watchful eye of her older sister or in hiding since she could remember. She did not talk about what she could see or get involved. When she did, it always lead to trouble. Her sister had set rules to fix that. She followed those rules...

The Symphony of the Sun: Mosaic in the Fray

By luckyl13

586 0 0 114989

When the world seems to fall apart, there is always one lynchpin that holds steady. It might be twisting, might be bending, but that is only to adjust the weight of the load it carries as it never is removed nor does it break. For Jean Redding, the lynchpin...

The Allure of Magic

By RaiganAvalon

609 0 0 486

The story of Rychara’s sending away to a convent and her subsequent journey of self-discovery. Will start during A Chance Encounter as she learns that she is to be sent to a convent. Will end with her being taken under the wing of the vampire queen on the...

Verdraxis Chronicles: Adventures of Kalendale

By Chaosdraco

1175 0 0 4329

As a young boy, Kalendale Evenwood knew he was meant for greater things than tending to his father's flock. after his fateful meeting with a master wizard, Kalendale sets out to become one of the most powerful wizards on the face of Verdraxis. His journey...

Adventures of Standos & Zaf: The Beginning

By TheScholar

1039 0 0 0

Follow the bumbling adventures of our duo as they across the portals from world to world. You will laugh, cry and even shake your in disbelief. But in the end you’ll fall in love with our intrepid explorers. Welcome to the Universe of Shattered Infinity


By jrcsalter

1185 0 0 1904

Plymouth, 1938 Luke, Sarah and Atharron find a body in the woods, attacked by a vampire. But evidence points to something else, something different, something more evolved than a standard vampire. And more dangerous.

Come Rain or Shine, I'll write

By tecachan

758 0 0 240

or Alessa's Adventurous Letters --- Alessa likes to write letters to her friends, and some other acquaintances. She writes about a lot of things, small things, big adventures, near death experiences, annoying people... Well, a lot goes on in her life.

Human Myth: Vol 6

By arlj11

1051 0 0 7083

John has started helping Papi's flock and is preparing to leave whether he has Papi with him or not. He also has a promise he made a long time ago catch up to him.

The Price of Fame

By WantedHero

27305 0 0 66547

Honest Politicians. Humane Terrorists. Religious Devils. Then it gets confusing… Wendell’s learned that gnomes are just as irritating and dangerous as humans…they just come in smaller packaging. Citizens are rebelling, the government’s collapsing, the Church...

Dark Waters

By TimeBender

58819 2 2 65238

In a flying city, in the world of Nearth, there lives a small doub. He is perfectly happy with his life, until one day, he meets a strange, giant feline that takes him on a wild adventure all across Nearth. Their goal is to save their world from a terrible...

Adventures of a Magical Teacher

By Tara0Belle

388 0 0 6088

Miss Magenta Charles is so excited to meet her first class of students after finishing her University degree that she has made a number of self-introductions to dazzle the young humans. However, her best friend (and human hero) surprises her with a class change...

Tales of The Demon Tavern

By Hiccup Haddock the Third

414 0 0 1078

During the modern age Dusir a downtown tavern owner services demons, When his daughter is kidnapped His patrons are enraged that someone would dare cross their lighthearted host and rampage across Valos in an effort to find his duaghter.

0933 - Hidden Princess

By Anistasya

310 0 0 18913

Prince Oliver escapes to Omali Valley with his daughter Nadez and her tutor, the priestess Tami.

NaNoWriMo 2021

By HydrogenDragon

42 0 0 2

Large scale magic is all but non-existent. Only select guilds, groups, and families have retained the ability to cast large, breathtaking spells or illusions. Most folks can quickly light a cigarette with a tiny finger flame or stir their coffee cup by controlling...

Scion of the fallen blood

By Jeff89

947 0 0 1055

Qzu is an orphan who grew up in the slums of a port city. However when he turns thirteen he learns he is the scion of an angelic bloodline. This places him at odds with the church that has marked that bloodline as traitors to the faith.

Jareds Geschichte

By wintergoettin

2059 0 0 3114

Eine Kurzgeschichte über das erste Zusammentreffen von Alexius und Jared.

Riben no Monogatari

By RibenLARP

3613 0 0 36461

"Es dauert einige Momente bis die Bewohner des Dorfes wagten sich wieder zu erheben. Der Priester begann seine Utensilien zusammen zu packen und ging dann mit Jiao zu ihrem Haus. Das Mädchen kam mit einem kleinen Bündel heraus, verabschiedete sich von ihren...


By sean.perkins

684 0 0 5712

Susan "Su" Jones was a child prodigy on her way to great things. That is until she was killed and resurrected in the world of Acheron. Gifted with special abilities and weighted down with expectation, Su must fight for survival in a hostile land against intractable...

Andara - Die Landung

By zarazandra

1108 0 0 4209

Nach einer Bruchlandung auf einem unbekannten Planeten steht die Crew der Mananthena, insbesondere Maschinistin Fela Harper vor einer beinahe aussichtslosen Lage. Ohne Kenntnis von dem wilden Planeten oder seinen Einwohnern liegt es an ihnen, ihr Schicksal...

Dancing With Devils

By ildsjel

839 0 0 14328

Damien is a good liar. Ripped out of his world, he must now lie for his life! Devils wear human skin, plotting something in the kingdom of Amaranth. Equipped with a disguise and a Devil-killing spell, he must try and reveal the growing menace. However, one...

The Southern Magicks

By Geek_Aflame

29063 0 0 0

A close encounter with death dramatically changes Dexter’s life. The brutal demon attack forcing him to face his ability to see the dead. With his secret in the open reluctant Dexter is forced to work for the magical detective agency ran by his family. He...

Gated Worlds - The Gauntlets of Nimrod

By Raz Scully

93 0 0 61625

A rescue of a damsel in distress goes horribly wrong... A young man, Damek, is transformed, pulled from his realm of existence and dropped into another with strange ways. He finds himself in the midst of an eternal war between two factions. One side, led...

Terris Burg Tribune

By KaijuKojin

1770 1 0 1541

Catch up on the latest news, gossip, and fasion of Terris!

Wanted Dead or Alive: it seems i'm popular

By Otter_GM

638 0 0 129

Follow the story of a scoundrel as he makes his way through life meeting many people (who’s names aren’t important) and his fantastical adventure both on and under the sea.

The Secret of Darkwater Basin

By TheStoryBeard

1066 0 0 13374

[quote][dc]"S[/dc]trange things happen near Darkwater Basin. Dark things. They say the water is tainted, turning all who drink it into horrid creatures of the night. They say that the creatures who live there are so vile that even the goblins stay away. They...

Florenelle Shorts

By MrBauta

990 0 0 1248

Short stories from the Florenelle setting.


By Kaycie Anders

1065 0 0 2454

A child from a line of ruthless kings, King Geoffrey the First was unlike any king in recent memory. King Geoffrey was considerably laid back, easily amused, and flexible despite his position, and the people of his kingdom respected him. He was a political...


By MeliaHernan

143 0 0 2081

The pandemic of 2020 was just the beginning. When people start dying in mysterious ways, society blames the Draiodh, a growing group of magic practicing women. As hysteria grows, the Draiodh go into hiding, practicing privately while living among the survivors....

Winter of Ashes

By Cryssalia

1406 0 0 0

[b]Why can't you just let me go?[/b] Adira Darte only wants one thing; ending her life. Countless of times, she attempted suicide but an external power is preventing her to act on it. She tried to hang herself in Thalassimar Forest, but she is discovered...

Into The Fire

By WantedHero

35035 0 0 80747

Stranded, alone…with a tree sticking out of his bellybutton. Wendell’s task is simple: get to Til-Thorin Keep. No problem. Add to that no map, no help and no flippin’ idea where he is and you have a day in the life of our hero. Oh wait—we forgot to add the...

A Longshot Home

By Camture350

813 0 0 6847

Cameron’s just another college student living in the same hometown for the last nine years. He can’t do anything special like playing an instrument, or getting straight 4.0s; so why would anyone consider him special? And heck, he’d be the first to tell you...

Skamsen and the Lady: All 6 parts together

By ejmichaels

5901 0 0 19257

All six parts now published together. Someone wants the Lady dead. She seems more interested in flirting with her would-be killer. Skamsen needs the Lady alive to set a trap for a dangerous assassin. She thinks it a delightful idea and doesn't seem to mind...

The Nature Mage

By Lone Mountain Artificer

1115 0 0 0

When Abigale Evans went to bed she didn't expect to wake up in the middle of a jungle nor did she expect to be chased by a boar the size of a horse and that was just the beginning. Thrust into a world of magic and monsters with abilities and skills ripped...

Where Dragons Rule: Dissent (Old Version)

By Mr.Drake

11001 0 0 123028

When the young dragon, Aeris, begins to question the only life she's known, she's thrust into a world of betrayal of deceit. Her survival depends on how well she can navigate the blood-filled streets of a world she knows nothing about. **This is the older...

Riben no Zappo

By RibenLARP

2016 0 0 22425

Zeitungen. Wer schmökert nicht gern darin? Hier findet ihr alle in-game Zeitungen von der ersten Ausgabe bis zur letzt erschienenen

Dog Prints: The Red Ranges

By Scirgirifa

2929 0 0 58692

A tale of a good boy trying to find his footing in the nonsensical world of humans.

Gambler's Throne (First Draft)

By TNTAuthorMan

5914 0 0 32229

Karik Zhala, of the House Zhala, is a nobleman in the Land of Salktum. When the king of the continent-wide empire is killed by his daughter, a storm of events leads to a crisis. How does Karik fit into this? How will the crisis affect the continent? And who...

Race to Til-Thorin

By WantedHero

25892 18 0 84649

Dream girls. Fried snails. A 30” bodyguard with pink ponytails. Being a hero comes with learning curves. The curve of a hip. The curve of a sword. The curve of a sucker punch as it connects with your face. It wouldn’t be so bad if Wendell had professionals...

Where Dragons Rule: Rebirth

By Mr.Drake

13957 11 10 83174

Aeris escaped her master, but now she has no money, status, home, or future and her days are spent combating crippling guilt of the price she paid for her freedom. The conflict between humans and dragons threatens to take her last remaining hope; her best...

Tales From The Roadkill Tavern: Avoiding Blueberries

By WantedHero

12264 17 1 7471

Our personal stories are more complex and intertwined than you might realize. That's exactly what our hero, Wendell P Dipmier discovers when he runs from his responsibilities and finds himself listening to the resident bard at the Roadkill Tavern.

A Chance Encounter

By RaiganAvalon

1432 0 0 988

As the heir to Irkara, Raigán has a lot of expectations placed upon him. Living up to them while still caring about those around him and being his own person is a struggle. What would just be another assignment turns out to change his life.

Space Jockeys

By TheStoryBeard

1031 0 0 4149

The universe is a big place, and somebody has to keep the peace. To this purpose, the Forrath Authority created the Space Jockeys Elite Flying Force.

Blood's Stone: A Wellspring Dragons Story

By Kwyn Marie

2516 0 0 10827

King Shiel invaded neighboring Merren when rumors of bloodmages and sacrifice reached him. In the final push to rid the country of its murderous despot, he has sent Sikode, his premiere wielder and advisor, to discover the corruption hidden in the depths of...

God of Chaos

By LokiTheShady

1575 0 0 3885

Imagine a world in wich all the greek myths were actually real. But the gods are actually Dragons. All the heroes you've heard so much about are not human, nor are they gods. They are part of a race of Demigods called Iros.

The Emerald Isles: Children of Void

By Altagoose

14 0 0 3332

A Young girl is forced to seek out a man from her past to gain control of her life as she starts getting hunted by a mysterious robed assassin.

The Eye of Bhuta

By ejmichaels

1709 1 0 31046

Many want the Eye of Bhuta, a priceless gem that is worth an entire kingdom, but the one who possesses it wants to be rid of it. Skamsen must travel to a hostile land with a lady seemingly unaware or unconcerned of the dangers surrounding them to be rid of...

Rise Of Magic

By adapro

70 0 0 2744

Brothers Leo and Aris Pretim must face the ending of civilization as they know it at the hands of the Ourik, a race of medieval, warlike creatures. Now they must try to protect those that they have gathered and survive the fall of man.

Stories Found in the Mist

By RagingCeltik

366 0 0 9

Danann is a world blanketed in mist, obscuring present and past alike. Those who know where to look, and how to listen, are rewarded with truth buried in myth and legend. This is a collection of lost tales from deep in Dunann's past

The Tail of Ayla Faeris

By WolfofWinter

1055 0 0 1

"I've been running all my life but I don't know what from?" Her voice cracked as she slid to the ground. I don't think I've seen someone so broken before, I thought to my self as I join her on rough cobble. Ayla Faeris doesn't remember her parents, by choice...

Marijana and Nuka

By Lasse Kruse

727 0 0 0

What do you do when even the extended life of a wizard is not enough time to do all that you feel you need to do? If your Mariouz Lawmaster you find a way to continue into your next life. What do you do when you newborn daughter insists that she is the reincarnation...

Twin souled

By NathaliaBooks1993

347 0 0 6631

Siobhan has trouble finding herself, and that during high school. Where every step you make is being watched. She tought that there was something like a LGBTQ+ Protocol. Soon she figures out that the protocol is not as solid as the students think, to many...

DnD Battle Royal

By Drasos

974 0 0 4009

Abenteuer aus unserer Dungeons and Dragons Runde.