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Eisenerde (Erster Auszug)

By SquishiSquid

782 0 0 901

Nach 20 Jahren des Kampfes ist der blutige Bürgerkrieg auf Eisenerde offiziell beendet. Die sich gegen die Unterrückung durch die VHP (Vereinigten Humanen Planeten) auflehnenden Rebellen wurden nach einem endlosen Untergrundkrieg von der Eisernen Armee zerschlagen....

Subjekt 45

By Hertzbube

3521 1 0 2878

»Leben ist Zufall, doch was wenn dieser gewollt ist?« In einer Welt voller Terror, Unterdrückung & dem ständigen Recht des Stärkeren, gibt es ebenso Wesen, die nur für diese eine Sache geboren wurden. Sie dienen, um zu leben & leben, um zu dienen.

The World-chippers

By L A. Morton-Yates

905 0 0 0

A group of miners tasked with taking apart Mercury following the enslavement of humanity by aliens must decide how to handle the arrival of another group of aliens--one that claims to want to help free humanity. How can they be sure of the new species' intentions...

Mass Effect: Legacy of Charon

By Grimm332

462 0 0 10

This is the story of Lieutenant Commander Enouch Myndell Shepard, a recently promoted Executive Officer serving on the experimental Earth Alliance Starship 'Normandy'. After a simple shake-down voyage of the bran new craft goes terribly wrong, Shepard finds...

Dimension 9

By Annika Christiani

932 0 0 3164

Magna is was only 11 when her world ended. One moment she was celebrating Great Grandma's birthday with her family and then she was alone. Scared, alone, and helpless in a new horrific world. A world where the air itself may betray you and few survive. She...

Book I - The Azimov Effect

By ShauriDeerwalker

985 0 0 10129

The War is over, but things have fundamentally changed for the galaxy. There are those who have every desire to take advantage of the chaos left in the wake of the Dominion's war. Old threats rear their heads with the cry of taking back what is theirs....

Surrender Deep: 40 Days Shinzuru - 2

By LeighThalion

870 0 0 107934

A thief. Lost. Abandoned. The law would condemn him to death. Instead, he receives life. And a family.


By Brenden8r

606 0 0 0

In The Spires, humanity follows the path of The LORD to purify their souls of Satan's darkness so they may ascend to Heaven and avoid exile to The Wilds. Nicole Eisner is set to become an Acolyte, a prestigious assistant to The Priest, when her father is exiled...

New Horizons Volume 1

By KasperJensen

1273 0 0 6830

This first volume is decidedly more on the Action-side of things, but there will be Slice-Of-Life mixed in!

The Chronicles

By System101

42 0 0 1

A collection of letters, memories and other manuscripts that date to the War For Earth. I should clarify though, in my quest to provide these documents I have found it best to include some documents from before, though they are no earlier than 2040. Anything...

Timeless - Wie alles begann

By Hertzbube

7600 0 0 10226

Was passiert, wenn einem Menschen langweilig ist? Warte, ich zeig es dir.

The Rift

By 339X

4254 0 0 32450

Nash Vega and her brother, Jaymes, grew up during the Aten Rebellion. After losing their parents during the Great Battle the siblings are left alone on the barren desert planet. Left with very few allies, Nash and Jaymes survive on their own. After years of...

Hayden's War

By daviddougher

592 0 0 36008

Hayden Vance is a fairly typical high school student. He gets good grades, has a few friends, and likes to play computer games. But when Francine introduces him to a new game she found online, Hayden's world gets turned upside down. He finds himself leading...

Surrender Deep: 40 Days Shinzuru - 1

By LeighThalion

968 0 0 140864

A thief. Lost. Abandoned. The law would condemn him to death. Instead, he receives life. And a family.

What We Lost

By User51

20 0 0 4201

Not so long ago that no one remembers, and not so recent that everyone does. An audio script for five male voices.

High Level Design Document

By JinxWild19

535 0 0 16458

Original Story by Abbie Muddiman This document created by Abbie Muddiman, Jam Woodard, Hunter Archield-Cupit, and Aaron Barry Future adaptations and edits by Hunter Archield-Cupit All edits will be noted. Original completion date of this document May 8th,...

Edge of Chaos

By Kimvano

1030 0 0 0

Alexei thought he had his life figured out. He knew exactly what he wanted and what he had to do to get it. Everything fit, everything made sense, until he died. Or his world thought he died.

Heart Of Chocolate

By Twelve

3502 1 0 7294

Humans trying to colonize planet Shelder implant the local dinosaur-like fauna with A.I. chips to help domesticate them - what could go wrong?

Atlantis is Rising

By Agyess

330 0 0 149

Alex West is a nice young man, suddenly given power and abilities unbelievable to him only a few weeks earlier. After convincing AIs hiding in the internet of his worthiness, they name him King of Atlantis and gift him all of the wealth and power that goes...

Surrender Deep: 40 Days Shinzuru - 3

By LeighThalion

881 0 0 152731

A thief. Lost. Abandoned. The law would condemn him to death. Instead, he receives life. And a family.


By Crisjola

605 0 0 31

Ever since humanity left their nomadic lifestyle in space they have been trying to replicate the very thing that forced the migration of the dominate species on Earth to leave their home. Working for a PMC isn't easy. Working undercover for a rebellion branded...

Solaria: A Universe On Fire

By Rye Virtues

729 0 0 104

The Drelos-Soluse system is once again at war, it's been 100 years since the First War of Order and the Empire finally snapped again.