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Tw: sexual abuse

"Bad Boy" - Draft 01

By Geigas

1295 0 0 14058

The architypal bully, classical in his insults and popularity, by neither couldn't be further than the truth.

Gangs of Incaras: Ilnua's story

By Mutterwolf

2539 0 0 7155

The story of Ilnua, a Ghenid growing up in Incaras, the city of Mercenaries. Divided between cultures and driven, hungering for position and power. Ghenid are not humans and don't share human values. Be warned. There is more. I will unlock if there are...

Night City

By Fexal

7320 0 0 31268

Follows some not-so-good characters as they try to navigate through crazy surreal situations while dealing with some very real problems in a crime-filled city ruled by violent gangs. The city will either swallow them whole while they try to live honestly...