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Science Fiction

The Black

By [email protected]

1383 0 0 0

Five years ago, when the anomaly arrived, it wiped out eight thousand square kilometers of Toronto, taking with it over seven million souls. It remains now as a looming, impervious black dome. Dave Thompson, a hard rock miner, was hired as the lead engineer...

The Surrealist's Manuscript

By darknano

3629 0 0 1415

The Surrealist's Manuscript is a recollection and conviction of an individual by the alias of "Doctor Madison," in which they share their experiences of the Ciphrus world through a never-before-seen lens.


By Lorekeeper of Miduer

786 0 0 1131

Riley is a pilot aboard the mining ship, the U.S.S. Mortem. On its maiden voyage, things go from bad to worse in the blink of an eye. Pipes of flammable materials are leaking, the airlocks are broken, and half the ship has no oxygen. To top it all off, something...

Secrets of the Oort

By Kavriel

210 0 0 0

Whiskey, Bork, and Eriss plot to hijack the Helios Drive from the CRC and inadvertently trigger the Second Interplanetary War.

Intergalactic Outlaws

By TimeBender

4528 0 0 0

An abused orphan named Hurance wants a family. He’s had a small taste of family when he was younger with his best friend, Timothy Time, before Timothy went missing. Hurance’s quest for family is fraught with danger after he decides to adopt a group of outlaws...


By Shaudawn

4113 3 0 6172

The ink has only just dried on the Treaty of Surrender. The last of the rescue ships flying over Serenity Valley have finally stopped trying to distinguish between them that need rescue, and them that need burial. And it will be some time before a young...

The Galactic Tourists


1133 0 0 74383

The luxurious starship Kalindy XII caters for an exclusive set of exceptionally rich tourists on the ultimate cruise to see the sights of the Galaxy. Then the deaths begin.


By TransatlanticStardust

475 0 0 717

WARNING: CLASSIFIED. This is a report detailing all the information available regarding the operation known to the public as The Aberken Incident. Do not distribute this document.

Archive (First book)

By owlseyes

358 0 0 83

The singularity had a sense of humor, it probably learned that from us but it was still weird seeing the AI that built the Hermes dyson swarm crack jokes with anyone that wanted to speak to it. then _ brought up the war and it put a hand on his shoulder "Whatever...

Flash Fiction

By It's Moro!

1546 0 0 0

Practice Flash Fiction based on Brandon Sanderson and Mary Robinette Kowal. None of these are terrible, but they are me learning a craft :3.

Subjekt 45

By Hertzbube

4454 1 0 2878

»Leben ist Zufall, doch was wenn dieser gewollt ist?« In einer Welt voller Terror, Unterdrückung & dem ständigen Recht des Stärkeren, gibt es ebenso Wesen, die nur für diese eine Sache geboren wurden. Sie dienen, um zu leben & leben, um zu dienen.


By ManifoldManik

1460 0 0 19176

The adventures of a few Monsters in a world of humans, and the adventure of a few humans in a world where there are Monsters.

Prison Eart

By alaskankare

1195 0 0 295

What does one do with a criminal that is unable to control their deepest darkest thoughts, and causes harm to everything around them? What does one do when they do not believe in extinguishing life but you want to protect the life around you? You isolate...

Seven Minutes to Impact

By David_W_Henley

1522 0 0 1303

A routine mapping mission on a little known planetoid. Pirates, Space Battles, and Mayhem Just what you'd expect...

The World-chippers

By L A. Morton-Yates

1172 0 0 0

A group of miners tasked with taking apart Mercury following the enslavement of humanity by aliens must decide how to handle the arrival of another group of aliens--one that claims to want to help free humanity. How can they be sure of the new species' intentions...

Seven Seals: The Skyburner's Oath

By SixPathsSage

592 0 0 2588

Balthazar Skyburner, a poor street-urchin from MARS turned Knight of the Iron Order begins his life of adventure & exploration with his brothers, Har Barvadekar and Louis Fay, traversing across the galaxy.

Terran Void: Escapade

By kindred008

10 0 0 970

Escapade follows the crew of the TWS TwinPortal, a Terra Navy corvette assigned to the fringes of Terran space.

31 Days 31 Stories

By SableAradia

387 0 0 9469

A collection of stories written for the 31 Days, 31 Stories challenge in August 2021.

Horizon's Approach

By Monkos

224 0 0 0

In the near future, humanity has expanded to colonise much of the solar system. The oxygen mines established on various asteroids and planets are key to humanity's continued survival in space and its dreams of further expansion. When the mines on Ceres are...

Dimension 9

By Annika Christiani

1233 0 0 3164

Magna is was only 11 when her world ended. One moment she was celebrating Great Grandma's birthday with her family and then she was alone. Scared, alone, and helpless in a new horrific world. A world where the air itself may betray you and few survive. She...

Book 1 of The Korpes File Series: Parts 1 and 2

By J. I. Rogers

5715 6 0 60791

"As if being born Diasporan wasn’t enough, Technician Nash Korpes had the bad luck to resemble his Tyran ancestors almost identically in both form, and manner. These traits, though highly prized by the special projects division at the shadowy Korlune Military...

The Name of the Manuscript

By dani_

1121 0 0 0

Una ragazza ferita sta scappando da qualcosa o qualcuno, trova rifugio in una casa abbandonata e, per sopravvivere, decide di lasciarsi dietro il proprio corpo.

Agora, le JDR: Année 1 - Le Jardin des Hespérides

By Aquilus_Decimus

6404 16 0 3879

Journal de bord des personnages ayant participés aux précédentes sessions du JDR du Jardin des Hespérides.

Lie You Choose, The

By Ariel Purkeypile

1487 0 0 46465

Traumatic events they're desperate to move past, [br] big ideas their genius parents disapprove of, [br] a neurological condition that scrambles the senses, [br] and an increasing problem keeping their hands off each other. [br] [br] That's a lot to have...

Andara - Die Landung

By zarazandra

1294 0 0 4209

Nach einer Bruchlandung auf einem unbekannten Planeten steht die Crew der Mananthena, insbesondere Maschinistin Fela Harper vor einer beinahe aussichtslosen Lage. Ohne Kenntnis von dem wilden Planeten oder seinen Einwohnern liegt es an ihnen, ihr Schicksal...

It Spreads: Infection

By amelianite

1414 0 0 2833

**A Novella set AFTER the Alpha Saga** What if your entire life went up in smoke in less than twenty-four hours? Jobs, homes, technology, family? All of that disappeared in the blink of an eye. Well, that's what Kěith, Jack, and their company have come to...


By PantSeatPilot

13 0 0 0

More than a century before the events of Identity, the crowded blue planet sits balanced at the edge of of a knife, not knowing the events that are about to transpire. In the West, the widespread adoption of Full Dive Virtual Reality as a tool for recreation...

Making new Friends

By The_real_Tobi

346 0 0 255

Der erste Teil des Abenteuers rund um Amazon.

Vassals of Metal

By Ereithial

1288 0 0 24

New Amsterdam is a corporate utopia in a world long since collapsed.

Flaming arrow

By NathaliaBooks1993

1435 0 0 36964

Na een jaar vechten is er nog steeds geen vrede. Robin doet alles wat ze kan, maar is nog steeds niet genezen van haar verwondingen. Zal het haar lukken om vrede te brengen op het ruimtestation Nova Babylon.


By pecawolf

146 0 0 11764

Not far in the future, on the Earth gripped in tension a man awakens from the slumber of death for a new lease on life. The life he was promised is stolen from him and for a time, he questions whether he still wants it. The justice lies out there in the galaxy,...

Thread Skein

By lartra

25847 0 0 161386

When war rages on, the only hope for peace is the ultimate sacrifice… 20,000 years into our future, female mercenary Ticca is becoming the leader she was born to be. The powerful wizard Lebuin has overcome many of his fears along the way. Both of their paths...

Welcome to Hazard City

By ezeigler22

1860 4 0 3127

After a lifetime of going from one war to another Dylan Price wanted one day where he can drink in peace, but when a former hooker is killed while under his protection he wants to know why.

String Theory (Danganronpa V3 fic)

By NeoStarReset

5955 0 0 16215

"This rule will remain active throughout the Killing Game! For whoever manages to kill Prairie Marble...gets to graduate scot-free! No need to wait for a perfect moment, kill her whenever you like! Kill her in front of her friends and lovers! Bring your kids!...

Title TBD

By simpleEnthusiast

1205 0 0 0

The story of Captain Crishia Xenaya and the Retikan attack on the Beta and Alpha Quadrants

Bride Price

By J. I. Rogers

1495 0 0 0

"After a lifetime of hard work, Harlo-Fyre has become the preeminent power in Thallen Cluster. Now, William Harlo Sr. is determined to secure his progeny's place among the Ranking families of Korlune, no matter what cost." First Published in Tamyrh Quarterly,...

Second Wind: Book 1: Wake at Dawn

By Asdradan

861 0 0 74485

Tzera awakens to a living world after spending her life in a dying city. Her whole species, the Lendari, set adrift on their planet’s starless corpse; cast into the void away from their home galaxy. Buying thousands of years through carefully managed stasis...

The Jaws of the Wolf

By Lutrian

871 0 0 21223

A mugging in 1998 South Central LA leads a young man on an unlikely journey aboard an alien spaceship, crewed by predators, who regard humans as prey. Can he survive long enough to escape this nightmare?

Velnevin: Through the Years


620 0 0 3292

A collection of roleplays between Naigraza and M3CUN1V, spanning over a decade. They have been edited and re-written in story format.

Second Chances

By WantedHero

30745 0 0 70214

Fame. Fortune. Thrown into the City incinerator. Wendell’s chance at the title was always a long shot. Since then he’s been on TV, Radio and even has the attention of The Church. Fact is, he’s more popular than ever. So why are people trying to kill him? (It’s...

Inevitable | The World After

By Ellysium

649 0 0 4248

There is a city, there is an engine, there is an army. A young explorer makes the discovery of a lifetime, the sort of discovery that will change history. She opens the door to a lost world and unwittingly fulfills an ancient prophecy. Inevitable follows...

Between the Stars

By BrokenJac

1467 10 1 3733

( Written for DylonIsHere123's World: [url:]The Void Between, Breaking Into Heaven[/url] ) [hr] Natalie "Nas" Aghl is a renowned astronaut, known both for her expertise and experience...

Stories from the Rogue Stars

By Kaerith

1144 0 0 11990

A collection of stories from the outer star region known more than the Rogue Stars.

Renarion Section

By Ninja_Viper

1286 0 0 4516

The Supremacy is the greatest and most advanced Human civilisation in the Caelum Galaxy. However having only recently awoken from centuries in stasis, the human population (the Ascendants) have found the galaxy a very different place from when their self-imposed...

Waiting at World's End

By WaywardDreaming

2247 1 0 3903

Waiting at World's End is a short story / novella set during the apocalypse that proceeds the first book of Wayfaring Strangers. It takes place in an undetermined airport somewhere between Las Vegas and Houston as a pair of survivors come to terms with their...

A Blazing Patio

By Rahjar

2272 0 0 1177

The world is in a sad state, no one knows how it got so messed up, but we know it was after Covid-21. The world had been optimistic then. This is now. The world is no longer optimistic, everyone's buried brothers, friends, parents, children. Everyone wears...

The Rift

By 339X

5177 0 0 32450

Nash Vega and her brother, Jaymes, grew up during the Aten Rebellion. After losing their parents during the Great Battle the siblings are left alone on the barren desert planet. Left with very few allies, Nash and Jaymes survive on their own. After years of...

Null Force: Battle in the Halls of Darkness

By Kummer Wolfe

7469 18 3 13912

[p]A mysterious explosion in a remote lab hidden away in the depths of the Tapani Sector starts an investigation into the source that turns into a harrowing rescue in a race against time. Ruk “Rukus” V’dora and Pala’teska are troopers turned scientists working...

At the Center of it all

By Golden Crepe

849 0 0 770

Lily, a young girl travels from planet to planet in hope of reaching the sun, where she hopes to find her parents.

Montral: The Isolation

By Rahjar

1061 0 0 864

In maybe 200 years, some event will happen, that will block Montréal island from its suburbs, and start... The Isolation. Over those 200 years, Montréal, will become Montral. In Montral, many stories will be told. "I am Anarchyos Trudel, I am what the New...

The Rising - The Beginnings of Zohl

By Maelstrom143

1438 0 0 0

Arriving in a port on the continent of Daejerothe, a young hybrid finds herself lost in a strange city with no recollection of who she is or where she hails from. Driven by a need to reclaim her past and secure her future, she ventures forth to find herself....

The New Frontier, Book 1, Resist!

By KajetanWrites

2787 0 0 2841

Aliens invaded Earth and established a puppet government. However, not every human is willing to accept this new reality. They fight for freedom. One of them is Sophie Mazur, a young woman who at the start of her adulthood lost her parents to the puppet government....

Relics of War

By AntimatterNuke

1501 0 0 6008

Xenologist Vexan investigates a post-apocalyptic alien planet, where civilization destroyed itself in a deluge of thermonuclear hatred.

1999 - Sad

By SilikG

606 0 0 217

In a society that scans, numbers, and labels everything, a mistake was made. Everyone else keeps going, but for one man that mistake changes everything.

Commonwealth Planets: Shattered World

By Freeballs93

1845 1 1 1544

Commander Tracer and his crew aboard the Xiphos are tasked with finding who is responsible for the increasing attacks on commonwealth and EU shipping and planets in the Diores sector. As they slowly close in on these unknown raiders a larger threat begins...


By TimeBender

10188 0 0 0

After accidentally bringing three complete strangers from different universes to Earth, an alien girl's life goes nuts all at once. This has been unlocked for the public to read! Feedback is helpful. Adding more of the story as I write it!

Introducing: Guardbot

By TNTAuthorMan

862 0 0 4943

This is the story of Kemn. He lives in the Capital City of Zumakar, where the great company of Kasan Corp has its headquarters. Kasan Corp is the mega-corporation that produces all robots and holograms on Rofal. When a new robot is released by Kasan Corp,...

AWT 1: L'affaire du Coeur de Feu

By Aquilus_Decimus

15443 6 0 11718

Sur la planète Élysée, fleuron colonial de l'Alliance Agora, les citoyens profitent d'un cadre de vie agréable qui a même attiré les grandes fortunes. Au milieu de ce décor idyllique, l'agence Wardman et Takanabe s'occupe de régler des litiges judiciaires...

Shadows of the Keepers

By AntimatterNuke

36323 3 0 51302

When Eric, alongside his classics professor and fellow students, joins a mission to a recontacted colony world with pre-medieval technology, he learns dodging dinosaurs and gryphon-riding hunters while trying to stop an evil warlord is more trouble than he...

Ghosts of the North

By Dryheat4u

8740 0 0 160554

When an airship crashes in the far north, David and his team are sent to find answers. What they find threatens to awaken something far more powerful than anyone can know, hidden deep beneath the northern mountains.

Terror Through Thieving

By PatheticBarrel

1252 0 0 1

Cohlin Laine is the best thief on the streets of Bai Talga. So good, in fact, that he's at the top of the Mizar Systems' Most Wanted List. Madam Ayil Peron has extensive files on each of her targets among the terrorist Munan culture. Except for the worst...

Commonwealth Planets: Shattered World

By Freeballs93

1326 0 0 0

Commander Tracer and his crew aboard the Xiphos are tasked with finding who is responsible for the increasing attacks on commonwealth and EU shipping and planets in the Diores sector. As they slowly close in on these unknown raiders a larger threat begins...

Second Wind: Book 2: Echoes of Midday

By Asdradan

866 0 0 12130

A year has passed since the amber attack in Habralven and the trail has gone cold, until a second explosion occurs on the other side of the world near the sunken city of Kadrinja. Bassan and Castus head to the city, reuniting the lendari doctor with his time...

Nine Meditations in the Temple of Chromatic Enlightenment


1475 1 1 79304

The Temple of Chromatic Enlightenment is ancient and its builders are no longer a part of our universe. Yet, under the stewardship of the thinderin Light Guards, much may be learned from a pilgrimage. But at what cost?